Counts as Typhus model, and 180 painted zombies

Im sorry I don't have a lot of time to talk, but this guy is my Typhus and below are 180 zombies that I had paint commissioned.  If I was anywhere near a painting competition, I would definitely enter this guy. 


shooting is for ninnies!

Is it possible to make everyone happy?  Well lets give it the ol college try, shall we. 
 The picture above, is 180 zombies from the Mantic- Kings of War game.  A very popular substitute for the zombies in the Chaos Space Marine Codex.  Why did I buy 180 of them?  First off, let me say that I didnt buy them, but accepted as partial payment for the last commission that I did.  It was under my direction that my friend/client pick them up while at Adepticon.  I have no intention of painting this many zombies and eventually all of them will be traded off as I get tired of playing the undead horde.  So what does this remotely have to do with making everyone happy? 
I am looking at this from a few different viewpoints. 
1) The core is pretty fluffy, even with the blood thirster in place of the great unclean one.  Hell I was really stretching it with my Blood thirster proxy.   According to my opponent that is........and he is right, due to the size of the model.  But to my defence, its Khorne daemon with wings all the way!!!  The only reason there are 180 zombies instead of 210 is because of budget adn we originally thought there were 35 in a box in place of 30. 
Fluff bunnies happy?
2)Its seems pretty nasty, even thought the movement trays that I have place them so close together that 18 fit underneath a flamer template.  I have played one game against a 2 helldrake list and he killed all but 7 zombies.  In fact here is the list that I played.   I know now that the points are not correct but its what I played in a 2k game.  
typhus 230
abaddon 265
7 slaanesh terminators with combi weapon and icon of feel no pain for unit 320
6 x 30 plague zombies 780
Blood THirster with Portaglyph 300
10 Plague Bearers (pictured below and just painted christmas present.)  100
I won my game.  On list alone because I have lost well over 75% of my games in 6th edition.  I suck the big one this edition.   
Competitive DIck measurers happy?
3)Abaddon and 5 combi plasmas and 2 combi meltas is the only shooting in this army.......and me likey!  I suppose shooting is king in this game, but I want to play a defensive army.  Defensive army?  Yes, an army that will hopefully soak up the fire power that you have.  How did I deal with the two helldrakes from Monday nights game?  I ignored them and let my opponent have a shit load of fun sucking units off the board.  When I play 40k lately, I really want an experience that is different than the 1000 games that I have already played.  I want to play against armies that are different than my usual blah blah blah.  I want the terrain to be different than the nova format that Battle for Salvation keeps shoving down my throat.  5 of my last 6 games has had the terrain set up the exact same way.  meh and boring when I dont need to be the supreme ruler of 40k and tournament fairness.  Cool for what it is, but I have moved on.  I really want to play some narrative based events or somehting like that.   
So who is happy here?  Well, hopefully, myself and my opponent.  This list, or its core, is fluffy with some unusual quirks to it,  and is somethng that will allow me to at least compete against most armies. 
plague bearers without the stupid horns that make them look goofy  Much more menacing, wouldnt you agree?
this is going to be my herald of nurgle or epidemus or typhus or maybe just my bestest good friend.  He is getting painted tonight.
Starting him early!!

Imperial Fists commision plus some odds and ends

Holy Moly, Im tired.  I was just about to say that whzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

is there still an excuse for counts as armies?

Hey guys,
I have had some kind nudges/ pressure from friends to update my blog with what's been going on. The paragraph below is a little bit of a pretense as I get ready and to try and tell you why I still play my chaos army as a space wolves, "counts as" army.
I have bought the chaos codex and like it well enough , but there were some specifics to my situation that have compelled me to put it down.  I played several games at the beginning of sixth with the chaos codex and lost nearly all of them.  Believe it or not, that had minimal influence on me deciding to not play the chaos codex. I consider it to be adequate for play in a competitive environment, with enough practice any codex may be.  The real main factor, was the work associated with both a new codex,and a new edition of the main rules.  As a father of two very young children, I have precious little time for self involved projects.  Learning the new rules of the system, coupled with the rules of the codex, and then becoming familiar with how to use the force that the codex represents, in said system, became to much of a time sink and threatened to take away the game all together.  And this is, of course, before we even factor in the time it would take to get everything modeled correctly for tournament or wysiwig play.  I was very disheartened with the dawn of this new edition.
So, I am still playing my chaos as space wolves because for the past 2 years I had slowly been painting, playing and building the force that would represent that codex.  I know how to play it and in order for me to fall in line with the new chaos codex, I would have to disassemble and rearrange so many models to get the build that I want.  This is what disheartened me!  Not the new possibilities, but the workload associated with it.  I began to feel like butter scrapped over to much bread.  It has happened to me several times, so screw it.  In the past I have bucked up and ate the shit sandwich that GW served me with each new codex or edition.  Not this time,  this time I am going to stay where I am and finish the damn thing, SPACE WOLF style.  LOL or should I say CHAOS style because those are the models I am using.  Anyway, who really cares becuase as I pointed it out to a friend, this is my art,(army,)  and that is my game, (codex.) 
 I have every intention to use my, soon to be, one and only army to represent each and every power armour codex.    
Ok, down to the models pictured below.  I was writin over a previoius "for sale post," and while I have  several cool new models to show, I have decided to show these one last time.  I gave this army away not to long ago to someone who will hopefully use it to conquer many social circles.  I originally tried to sell it on my local game club forums and was quickly contacted by someone who was a bit down on his luck.  Ok, not just a bit, life had beat him up pretty bad over the past few years.  He is a gracious and giving person who would have bought it, but I felt it in my heart that it would be better served as a gift.  Good luck Paul, and I will kill you if you paint over it! ;) 
I kept the Command squad that isnt pictured in order to try and get some of my money back.  I would really love to see them go and live with my old Imperial Fists army down in the StL.  HINT HINT.... Jesse.  By the way, I have sslowly started another commission to add on to my old Imperial Fist Army. 
please note that the attention to squad markings.  skull and crossbones on storm shield, and all members of squad except sarge who has same marking as command
3 of the ravening bikers, in combination with the D Vengence set, that will be 6 total
red squad

blue squad
yellow squad
knight helm/ big shield squad

20 bolter arms, 12 powerfist, 4 chainfist, 4 sarge power sword arms (not all have magnets)
-all terminator arms aer magnetized
drop pod
land raider with angels of death doors
land raider sponsons are magnetized
converted back side
multi melta and dreadnought close combat weapon (all magnetized)

with alternate arms, las cannon available but not pictured (all magnetized)

coming down and beware!!!!!

"Coming down and beware,
the Imperial fists,
straight Mother@#%ers,
there killers in the mist"
That is a edited quote from some rap song that I knew in my youth.  While I have had the last two months off of work, with one more to go, I have been doing quite a bit of painting.  The two boys below are going to supplement my old Imperial Fist army that now haunts the state of Missouri.  There are many more plans for the expansion of the Imperial Fists' !st company! 
Now on to my personal 40k endeavours...  Before I get to bogged down with another apartment renovation and commission,  I have been trying to finish as much of my chaos army as possible.  The guys below are used as my thunderwolf cavalry when I decide to play the Space Wolves codex.  One of the greatest thing about my army is that I can use it for several different codex's.   Whenever I grow tired of playing one book, I pull the ol swich-a-roo and bamm, instant pointless criticism from bithces who waste their money on more than one power armour army.  That being said,  I have more than one power armour army and I wish that I had rolled those Deathwing Terminators of mine into this chaos army.  Tsk, Tsk... shame on me, deep deep shame! ;) 

I have never shied, away from airing my humiliating laundry in public.  I have not won a single game of 6th edition 40K.  I am now a little over 10 games in with some fun surely had, but no victories.  Im  playing again tonight so another chance for glory, and defeat!
Ive absolutely loved the last couple of months of paternity leave.  My advice to anyone who should listen.  Take the time to be with your children, you cant get the time back.  F#ck work!!!!!!!!!!

Maullerfiend, dreadnought, errrr..... helbrute conversion?

This past weekend I got to paly a big apocalypse battle with my friends, Brother Captain James and fritz 40K.  I had promised to bat rep the battle.  i did try but in the end it was basically me jsut talking shit with Fritz.  Again and agian I had to let him know that I was his better in every way.  I love having a fun smack talk fest with my select friends.  Anyway, all my clips just ended up being us talking smack, and laughing along the way.  I did end up having Abaddon beating down his grand master like the bitch Fritz was, (is!) LOL  
I ended up getting my hands on a some bits from the Maulerfiend kit and i really fell in love with the lasher tendrils.  I would have kept piling them on but I began to worry about storage.  I ran him as a maulerfiend in the apoc game.  I have plans for some intense freehand on the left and right blank spaces next to his head.
During the end of the apocalypse battle, I started wheeling and dealing with lil wil from the blog: the unholy harbinger.  he bought a box of the new raptors on a whim and wanted to trade.  I was more than happy to oblige.  I gave up some noise marines that i didnt use.  In a earlier post, I mention my disappointment in the lack of new kits.  After getting my hands on the new raptor kit, I feel even more dissapointed.  This kit is good adn it points to how the cultist kits should have gone.  This is a noise marine/ slaanesh guy that I converted from the kit.  5 of the ten shoulder pads look as though they have speakers mounted in them, while there are random speakers mounted on knees in different poses.  I know the legs are supposed to represent pre or post flight but I made this guy look as though he is jumping down from something.  I really like how this slayer of worlds turned out.


Dark apostle conversion

Hi guys and one girl! 
This here is my new entry into the Spikey Bits chaos contest that Rob has going on over on his blog.  The more that I thought about it, the counts as Kharn model below isnt that big of a deal when considering the conversion.  Its clean and done well enough but there is no real skill in the conversion.  I dont know if any one recognizes this fig from before, but I originally built the basis of the model to serve as a lash sorcerer.  Holy crap, way back in 7/27/09 it said?
  Original post

Well anyway, if Rob lets me replace my other entry, this one should do much better.  It is one of my best and most technical conversions.  It is also one of my smoothest.  The picture in the lower right hand corner show the back of the cape.  It was made out of a space marne captains cape in the middle, flanked by two pieces of the empire wizards kit.  If you know the plastic wizards kit, you will see how extensive a conversion this is.  Watch the video in the above link.