is there still an excuse for counts as armies?

Hey guys,
I have had some kind nudges/ pressure from friends to update my blog with what's been going on. The paragraph below is a little bit of a pretense as I get ready and to try and tell you why I still play my chaos army as a space wolves, "counts as" army.
I have bought the chaos codex and like it well enough , but there were some specifics to my situation that have compelled me to put it down.  I played several games at the beginning of sixth with the chaos codex and lost nearly all of them.  Believe it or not, that had minimal influence on me deciding to not play the chaos codex. I consider it to be adequate for play in a competitive environment, with enough practice any codex may be.  The real main factor, was the work associated with both a new codex,and a new edition of the main rules.  As a father of two very young children, I have precious little time for self involved projects.  Learning the new rules of the system, coupled with the rules of the codex, and then becoming familiar with how to use the force that the codex represents, in said system, became to much of a time sink and threatened to take away the game all together.  And this is, of course, before we even factor in the time it would take to get everything modeled correctly for tournament or wysiwig play.  I was very disheartened with the dawn of this new edition.
So, I am still playing my chaos as space wolves because for the past 2 years I had slowly been painting, playing and building the force that would represent that codex.  I know how to play it and in order for me to fall in line with the new chaos codex, I would have to disassemble and rearrange so many models to get the build that I want.  This is what disheartened me!  Not the new possibilities, but the workload associated with it.  I began to feel like butter scrapped over to much bread.  It has happened to me several times, so screw it.  In the past I have bucked up and ate the shit sandwich that GW served me with each new codex or edition.  Not this time,  this time I am going to stay where I am and finish the damn thing, SPACE WOLF style.  LOL or should I say CHAOS style because those are the models I am using.  Anyway, who really cares becuase as I pointed it out to a friend, this is my art,(army,)  and that is my game, (codex.) 
 I have every intention to use my, soon to be, one and only army to represent each and every power armour codex.    
Ok, down to the models pictured below.  I was writin over a previoius "for sale post," and while I have  several cool new models to show, I have decided to show these one last time.  I gave this army away not to long ago to someone who will hopefully use it to conquer many social circles.  I originally tried to sell it on my local game club forums and was quickly contacted by someone who was a bit down on his luck.  Ok, not just a bit, life had beat him up pretty bad over the past few years.  He is a gracious and giving person who would have bought it, but I felt it in my heart that it would be better served as a gift.  Good luck Paul, and I will kill you if you paint over it! ;) 
I kept the Command squad that isnt pictured in order to try and get some of my money back.  I would really love to see them go and live with my old Imperial Fists army down in the StL.  HINT HINT.... Jesse.  By the way, I have sslowly started another commission to add on to my old Imperial Fist Army. 
please note that the attention to squad markings.  skull and crossbones on storm shield, and all members of squad except sarge who has same marking as command
3 of the ravening bikers, in combination with the D Vengence set, that will be 6 total
red squad

blue squad
yellow squad
knight helm/ big shield squad

20 bolter arms, 12 powerfist, 4 chainfist, 4 sarge power sword arms (not all have magnets)
-all terminator arms aer magnetized
drop pod
land raider with angels of death doors
land raider sponsons are magnetized
converted back side
multi melta and dreadnought close combat weapon (all magnetized)

with alternate arms, las cannon available but not pictured (all magnetized)


Tim said...

It's your hobby, your army...anybody complaining about counts-as can go F themselves. Because honestly, it's a game of toy soldiers that we lovingly paint miniatures for...this aint the Olympics.

Black Matt said...

I hearYa, even though I didn't mean for this to be a confrontational post cause I have NEVER run into a situation where someone has had a problem. outside of the internet that is. Just wait until I try and mix allies in. Should the models be painted different?

BDS said...

Smartest thing I did in this hobby was create my own SM Legion.

Re-energized my whole outlook and like that I can play what I want.

If anyone has a problem with it...tough.