shooting is for ninnies!

Is it possible to make everyone happy?  Well lets give it the ol college try, shall we. 
 The picture above, is 180 zombies from the Mantic- Kings of War game.  A very popular substitute for the zombies in the Chaos Space Marine Codex.  Why did I buy 180 of them?  First off, let me say that I didnt buy them, but accepted as partial payment for the last commission that I did.  It was under my direction that my friend/client pick them up while at Adepticon.  I have no intention of painting this many zombies and eventually all of them will be traded off as I get tired of playing the undead horde.  So what does this remotely have to do with making everyone happy? 
I am looking at this from a few different viewpoints. 
1) The core is pretty fluffy, even with the blood thirster in place of the great unclean one.  Hell I was really stretching it with my Blood thirster proxy.   According to my opponent that is........and he is right, due to the size of the model.  But to my defence, its Khorne daemon with wings all the way!!!  The only reason there are 180 zombies instead of 210 is because of budget adn we originally thought there were 35 in a box in place of 30. 
Fluff bunnies happy?
2)Its seems pretty nasty, even thought the movement trays that I have place them so close together that 18 fit underneath a flamer template.  I have played one game against a 2 helldrake list and he killed all but 7 zombies.  In fact here is the list that I played.   I know now that the points are not correct but its what I played in a 2k game.  
typhus 230
abaddon 265
7 slaanesh terminators with combi weapon and icon of feel no pain for unit 320
6 x 30 plague zombies 780
Blood THirster with Portaglyph 300
10 Plague Bearers (pictured below and just painted christmas present.)  100
I won my game.  On list alone because I have lost well over 75% of my games in 6th edition.  I suck the big one this edition.   
Competitive DIck measurers happy?
3)Abaddon and 5 combi plasmas and 2 combi meltas is the only shooting in this army.......and me likey!  I suppose shooting is king in this game, but I want to play a defensive army.  Defensive army?  Yes, an army that will hopefully soak up the fire power that you have.  How did I deal with the two helldrakes from Monday nights game?  I ignored them and let my opponent have a shit load of fun sucking units off the board.  When I play 40k lately, I really want an experience that is different than the 1000 games that I have already played.  I want to play against armies that are different than my usual blah blah blah.  I want the terrain to be different than the nova format that Battle for Salvation keeps shoving down my throat.  5 of my last 6 games has had the terrain set up the exact same way.  meh and boring when I dont need to be the supreme ruler of 40k and tournament fairness.  Cool for what it is, but I have moved on.  I really want to play some narrative based events or somehting like that.   
So who is happy here?  Well, hopefully, myself and my opponent.  This list, or its core, is fluffy with some unusual quirks to it,  and is somethng that will allow me to at least compete against most armies. 
plague bearers without the stupid horns that make them look goofy  Much more menacing, wouldnt you agree?
this is going to be my herald of nurgle or epidemus or typhus or maybe just my bestest good friend.  He is getting painted tonight.
Starting him early!!


DK said...

Wow. Those plague bearers look NASTY!

And I agree about 6th ed. Assault is not Dead. I have been rocking a 30 man Death Company, and it is going strong.

Black Matt said...

thanks dk,
Those plague bearers are going with the new typhus model I just painted