Turn on the Imperial Fists and watch em glow!

This is what I have been thinking about with my Imperial Fists. This is a rush job on these guys but I think the idea is solid! I feel great about working on my own stuff again!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

excellent helmet where did it come from?
overal great mini.

Crispy said...

I really like the idea, but I don't dig the effect. Right now it seems too "dry brushed."

It's probably because of the rush job. The final product will probably look tighter, but I'm just not feeling the "crackling power" of the fist.

Black Matt said...

The heads are dromthe chaos line, this one in particular came off the chaos vehicle sprue
@ crispy
It's def a dry brush job. It's to much work to do anything else. Do You think it takes away from the models overall appearance? I like the color splash and I thought this would make it more interesting. Once you get past the yellowness of the marines, there's not much left.

Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

Big kudos for tackling the Imperial Fist paint scheme.

To be honest though, I'm not a fan of how it looks right now though.
maybe higher contrast to show the glow?

Ron, From the Warp

Black Matt said...

Start with a darker blue?

Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

I think the base is good, there's just no "glow."
Take the highlight up to almost white to show exactly what is glowing. But be selective. It is the seams or the inner core of his fingers?
Is it a matte material or is it a reflective material that is glowing (like glass)?

The object that is glowing would be almost light/white blue and the blue color will be right around it since it's not a strong blue light (nothing like a lighthouse light). That and blue light doesn't travel as far as white light would.

And to be honest, I think you wouldn't have that much fade of blue up onto his fist. If you look at his fingers and imagine where the light would be reflected from (in straight lines), it might only go as far as the edge of his wrist guard. That huge piece overhangs all his fingers and would block a good amount of light.

Getting the source, it's intensity and the most accurate reflections are the key parts to getting the illusion "right."

Hope this helps. And overall, I think it's a great model, I'd just loved to see it taken to the next level.
Thanks for humoring me.

Drew K said...

ya matt im not big on the 3 layer glow kind of looks like a tri colored popsickle lol but thats just me.

I would do glowing fingers,with crackling bolts made from tiny wire.


Black Matt said...

Well I'm not really sure what it is but ivebeen speed painting for so long, its hard to do anything but that. Produce, produce, and then priduce more. I gotta get my mini mojo back. My original thought was to improve the army with an effect as quickly as possible but that's obviously not the best thing for it.

Thanks to everyone for saving me from having an embarrassing," modeling moment!" LOL

When I can get to where I will come back and work on these, I would like to reach out for specifics.
@ Andrew
I can envision what your suggesting, I just can't imagine have to store or transport on a regular. Good idea though
I appreciate the constructive criticism.!

Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

I thought about trying to duplicate what I'm talking about on a spare powerfist I have lying around.

I will see what I can do and post my results. I'll be more than happy to help out any way I can.

Ron, From the Warp

Space Hulk Enthusiast said...


Mind if I use one of the pictures of your glowing powerfist in my post on the same topic?

Ron, From the Warp

Black Matt said...

Of course not!

Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

Excellent, I'll post it up Monday morning. I'm adding the last few things to it now.

Ron. From the Warp

Space Hulk Enthusiast said...

The post is up.
Link: http://fromthewarp.blogspot.com/2011/01/painting-glowing-powerfist.html

Thanks for allowing me to use your post and a pic from it as the example too!

Ron, From the Warp