Dark apostle conversion

Hi guys and one girl! 
This here is my new entry into the Spikey Bits chaos contest that Rob has going on over on his blog.  The more that I thought about it, the counts as Kharn model below isnt that big of a deal when considering the conversion.  Its clean and done well enough but there is no real skill in the conversion.  I dont know if any one recognizes this fig from before, but I originally built the basis of the model to serve as a lash sorcerer.  Holy crap, way back in 7/27/09 it said?
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Well anyway, if Rob lets me replace my other entry, this one should do much better.  It is one of my best and most technical conversions.  It is also one of my smoothest.  The picture in the lower right hand corner show the back of the cape.  It was made out of a space marne captains cape in the middle, flanked by two pieces of the empire wizards kit.  If you know the plastic wizards kit, you will see how extensive a conversion this is.  Watch the video in the above link.  




Loku said...

if I'm not wrong, only miniature for the contest.

Magilla Gurilla said...

Glad to see you painting again buddy...waiting for some Batreps!

Black Matt said...

Mags ,
I have a apocalypse battle this weekend, I'll try aNd bat rep that, but that's close to the only playing I do nowadays. Here and there ya know? And I still haven't read the rulebook yet. I trust the people I play and if they need to win with selective rules recollection, then its my gift to them. True black Matt style c: hope everthing is good

lil will said...

Do a video report and take alot of pics Matt. I wont be able to play but ill stay for a little bit.