"counts as," Kharn / spikey bits contest entry

Hey Fellas!  I hope everything is well for everyone out there.  This feels so strange since I havent done it in such a long time.  I have gotten to play about 4 games of the new edition, 3 of those being in a tournament that I finished dead last in!  I had fun throughout the day as a whole but it pretty much sucked sitting there while the guys were picking my bones clean for tournament points at the tail end of a few of the ggames.  I havent been back to play since.  Maybe that will change since I have decided to take the next three months off of work.  I just had a number two and I dont think I have ever seen one quite so beautiful.    
I mean that I just had my second son!  :D  Im obviously thrilled and I am going to take the next three months off from work to get to know the little guy.....and maybe do some painting.  That might mean more blogging so hold your breath!
This fella here is my "counts as," Kharn.  The base model is of course, the Lord from the Dark Vengence Box.  A few details that might be overlooked are the lack of the STUPID random teeth that show up throughout the fig.  I couldnt get rid of them all, but I did cut off and resculpted as many as possible.  Another change that I made was that I shaved or cut the bone ridges off his antlers.  This allowed me to do a color fade that I thought looks much better.  Lastly, I gave him a manly pistol.  An artifact that once belonged to an ancient Terran called DIRTY Harry.  I have written my own rules for the weapon:  str 10, ap 1, unlimited range, assault 6
All for a 5 pt upgrade.  i cant wait to bring him out in a tournament!  MUHAHahaHa  The axe is made from parts from a blood angels axe, two chain axes, two chaos stars, and two skulls.
There is still some minor detail work in order for him to be considered finished!
I cant express how dissappointed in the chaos release I really am.  I dont really give a care about the codex as its just rules that I deal with when playing the game.  Hell, I liked the last codex, but am always happy for fresh stuff!  Anyway, the model release seems so crappy.  I am not talking about the new models and whether I like them or not.  I am refering to the lack of new kits.  Those damn beserker models are really showing there age.  The plague marines suck nuts, and those stupid obliterators.  regardless of the mini rant here, I am seriously disappointed in the lack of improvement to the csm model range!  


Mighty Simo said...

He looks amazing...absolutely amazing

Tim said...

I have to agree with ya there. The CSM releases are lame. Dark Vengence really showed us what they can do for CSMs... I mean those figs are AWESOME, then they release...Chaos Dinosaurs?

Oblits...seriously, these are not being re-done? Not only that, but you've added a new unit with the same aesthetic of ugly-ass models? WTF, GW? We know you can do better, you just showed us that with Dark Vengence...

On the other side, the new Chaos character models are great...it's just why the hell didn't you re-done the following:

Khorne Berserkers
Plague Marines

Oh and where are the new special characters? THere are none. We are stuck with the usual suspects - who aren't getting new models.

WTF? Abaddon is still smaller than a regular ol' chaos terminator????

GW..stop being so lazy.

HuronBH said...

Congrats on #2.

Good job on the chaos lord, I like what you have done with him. I have 2 kicking around myself, one with the Bunny Horns shaved off and one heavily converted.

I have to agree with you on the Chaos releases. Hopefully there is some truth to the rumors that GW is going to make FW more available in the US, possibly even select lines in GW stores. The FW Khorne and Nurgle CSM Upgrade kits are really nice and would be a great replacement for the existing outdated kits we have now. The thing I am most disappointed in is none of the Character minis got updated, some of those models are over 20 years old! Not surprised mind you, just disappointed. And with the going Finecast it is unlikely we will see new ones any time soon.

Man Boy Genius said...

GIMMIE! :P Looks great dude sent it in!

Black Matt said...

@ simo,
Thanks a lot. He has turned into one of my favorite figs
@ Tim, huron,
Disappointed is definetly the word.
He is headed your way, I had to get your logo printed out and some pics snapped. I have something that is a little more unique but not painted as well. What would be a better submission?

Master Darksol said...

Looks fantastic! Love your work

Brother Captn James said...

that fig looks like youre atitude, crappy.
how can you not like the dinosaurs models! grim lock the dino bot is awsome! total belongs in the 40k universe, oh and speeking of belonging thank the chaos gods tha they finaly put the dragon demond engin in play that we have been reading so much about! i mean with all the fluf on how chaos deals with dragons as demond engins in all the books the hell drake fits right in. remember the sceen in all of the horus herisy books when the abadon callls out his dragon pets to kill the loyalist scum. man that was toatly epik. great job GW i also love how the only new IC model GW has put out for chaos in the last 15+ years is huron black heart. and we totaly need him. wow the sarcasta meter is broken today

Brother Captn James said...

oh and just to prove that they are dino bots I found this


remember that the original desighn of the nids were not gigers bug xenos but dinosaur (space lizard men) xenos

Black Matt said...

That's Hilaryious BCJ, I'll check out the link when I get to a pc.
@master darksol
Always appreciate your comments

Foolish_Hyena said...

He is looking great. I really like his pistol but it shouldnt be stronger than a stubber or the like.

Also you should accept the challenge put forth by fritz.