Maullerfiend, dreadnought, errrr..... helbrute conversion?

This past weekend I got to paly a big apocalypse battle with my friends, Brother Captain James and fritz 40K.  I had promised to bat rep the battle.  i did try but in the end it was basically me jsut talking shit with Fritz.  Again and agian I had to let him know that I was his better in every way.  I love having a fun smack talk fest with my select friends.  Anyway, all my clips just ended up being us talking smack, and laughing along the way.  I did end up having Abaddon beating down his grand master like the bitch Fritz was, (is!) LOL  
I ended up getting my hands on a some bits from the Maulerfiend kit and i really fell in love with the lasher tendrils.  I would have kept piling them on but I began to worry about storage.  I ran him as a maulerfiend in the apoc game.  I have plans for some intense freehand on the left and right blank spaces next to his head.
During the end of the apocalypse battle, I started wheeling and dealing with lil wil from the blog: the unholy harbinger.  he bought a box of the new raptors on a whim and wanted to trade.  I was more than happy to oblige.  I gave up some noise marines that i didnt use.  In a earlier post, I mention my disappointment in the lack of new kits.  After getting my hands on the new raptor kit, I feel even more dissapointed.  This kit is good adn it points to how the cultist kits should have gone.  This is a noise marine/ slaanesh guy that I converted from the kit.  5 of the ten shoulder pads look as though they have speakers mounted in them, while there are random speakers mounted on knees in different poses.  I know the legs are supposed to represent pre or post flight but I made this guy look as though he is jumping down from something.  I really like how this slayer of worlds turned out.



Magilla Gurilla said...

Looks really good.
Then again, all the conversions you do look really good.
Glad to see you creeping back into the swing of things!

Chester said...

You should upload the vid anyway dude, it sounds funny

nimrod said...

Good to see you back into the hobby a little. The Apoc Batrep is on Fritz hear a little of the smack talk.. looked like it was a really fun game.

rowport said...

I really love this conversion. Could you list a parts inventory? If I could get them cheap on a bits site I may use an old metal dreadnaught as a base to covert.

Black Matt said...

thanks for the comments fellas
it is a world eaters forgeworld dreadnought with killa kans close combat weapons. I cut the model apart and repositioned the legs. The broken shackles on his feet are from the plastic juggernaut kit. the lasher tendrils are from the new maulerfiend kit.