Malifaux charity participation

Mortimer finally takes his place amongst the crew. 

Well believe it or not, I havent touched a fig or even thought about playing the new 6th edition of 40K yet.  In fact, I picked up the book and flipped through it for about 15 seconds and then put it down stating the art was nice.  Im not to sure when I will get around to it, but I will.....Some day. 

Magilla Gurilla is putting together a charity drive for a Childrens hospital that helped out a buddy of his.  Im not really in the know, but if you go over to you can see what he is trying to do.  When I first read that he was putting something together I figured that I would donate the existing models in my Nicodem crew.  I have mixed feelings about this because these are some of my favorite models that I own.  Glad to help, but sad to see them go sorta deal!  Mortimer was the model that I didnt have finished and since I said I would finish him, I came out of semi retirement.  ive thought more than once about dumping everything and running with whatever money I could get out of it.  Let me say that I am really glad i didnt do that.  I was asked to paint some other figs to round out the crew but I just am not going to be able to do that. 

Here are some random pictures of some figs that I have never posted,....I dont think!  Anyway enjoy the eye candy.

Dark Angels Dread with some color

Nurgle rhino

happy Birthday son!  8/7/12



IDICBeer said...

Wonderful work on the Rhino, I hope you get the 6th edition bug soon, I would love to see more stuff from you

HuronBH said...

Hey man, hope things are going well for you. If you want I'd be willing to finish out the additional models for the Nicodem crew. I've been trying to figure out what to donate to the project but I just don't have that much Malifaux stuff left. I was thinking about picking up one of the new plastic sets and painting it to donate.

As far as the other shots. We have seen the Chaos Rhino (but not with all the new top detail) and Chaos Dread in the past. The DA Dread is new to me.

Well as I said before hope things are going well and wow is your son getting big, wish him a happy Birthday for me.

Black Matt said...

hey huron,
That sounds pretty good. If you email me and give an address, I can send the three punk zombies to you

Snake-Eyes said...

Matt, NICO & Crew look AWESOME!!! THANKS!!!! so much for donating them to our cause!!

Black Matt said...

Ya Mon,
I just need to get them in the mail for you guys! I've got a million excuses and I can give you one but I'll just renew the war effort and get my Ass in gear.