Springfield, IL holla!!!

This is for any one who ever needed the proof and wouldn't believe me or DARED doubt, (yes I'm looking at you Bobby,)  that Abraham Lincoln was the greatest presidential leader America has ever seen.  My liege lord has now had his true tale told and I can be released from my vow of secrecy.  Not only did  he conspire to start the civil war to sate his own lust for battle, but you now know his true calling.

Behold, the TRUE story of our 16th president. 


I think you all would agree that we could use a little of this sort of leadership now a days!

Oh yeah, he is some tech marine stuff.  He start as an AOBR terminator.  I dont really know what he is supposed to be equiped with.


donelbayne said...

I really like these conversions man.

And Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter...I hope it doesn't suck.

Dan (nyhil) said...

Your conversion, while satisfactory, could use more bits. I suggest rolling the model in some plastic glue, then putting it in a bits bag, shaking, and VIOLA!

Good stuff man. Always happy to see your creations.

Black Matt said...

Thanks fellas,

-more bits! Check

dwilde said...

Great looking blog