well look who walked through the door

I'll have to admit that not being able to line up the pictures in neat little rows is really pushing my OCD to frustrating levels. 
  * a nice quiet nod or hat tip to friendly faces out there*
Im not sure if any of you guys recognize this fig, but I have him and a whole command squad painted to a decent level.  I have been steadily painting when I have time, but havent played in a long time.  Im all right with that ccause even though IVe played 2-3 times in the last few months, I didnt have a good time other than being in my opponents company. 
Anyway, back to what matters.  Figs.  I had a whole bunch of pictures taken but I dont like the long dong layout of the pics/blog so it looks like you guys will miss out.  I have a cool ass dread I converted from an AoBR dread, tech marine, and librarian that round out my command squad.
This fig here "counts as" a TH/SS termie with CML.  Watcha think?

oh, Ill guess I have time to put the dread pics in.  He is partially painted with the Multi melta and Dreadnought CC arms.


IDICBeer said...

They look great, brilliant conversion work .

Dan (nyhil) said...

Great stuff! Glad to see you having fun with models again. Keep the pics coming!

lil will said...

That dread needs more guns

Green Stuff Industries said...

Matt, did you make any of those hoses with a Tentacle Maker? If so, I'd like to put pics of your work in the GSI gallery. Thanks, Rich

Black Matt said...

4 sho, go right ahead.