Death co Dread WIP for Heroes of Armaggedon prt 2

Just another couple of teasers of the Death co. Dreadnought that Im doing for Jawaballs. "Is that a librarian close combat arm on a Death co. Dread?" I guess that it is, I wonder what Im gonna do with that? Note that the right arm isnt shown! Gasp!
On a sad note, I have had to back out of a big portion of the Charity build. Originally, I was going to paint almost all of the Death co. Ive had to pass on everything but the Dread because of personal reasons. Anyway, I bought everything and now I would like to try and get ride of the Stormraven that I have. I have started cutting things off the sprue but that is it. The pieces are in perfect condition. I am looking for a brand new unbuilt land raider for a even trade. If anyone out there has an unbuilt land raider, write me an email and I will gladly send it on its way. If you would like, I will make a video so you can see that the pieces are in perfect shape.