I see your true colors shining through!

I have decided to do a very simple color scheme with my new "Secret," Second Founding Unforgiven Army. Secret because there is no written record of this noble chapter. Thanks to THE EPISTOLARY who pointed me in the right direction, link, showing me some background fluff on the Unforgiven! In the end, I decided to do what I want when choosing the colors. It is going to be a good looking army, converted, with a borrwed color scheme and borrowed chapter iconography. Dark Angel iconography and Disciples of Caliban color scheme. While I'm not sticking to their color scheme to the letter, it will be dark green, black, bone and ? Hmmmm, Im having trouble picking out a stand out color or an accent. Im leaning towards blue. Check the colors out on my Brimstone Belial . Can anybody help with some suggestions on color schemes.


Magilla Gurilla said...

Looking really good Matt.
Really, really good.

Brian said...

...and that's why I lohve you. So don't be afwaid to whet them shooooowwwoooah. Youw trwoo colors, and repeat.

I've got that song stuck horribly now.

oh, and the models look absolutely fantastic.

Crosser Modelling said...
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Crosser Modelling said...

They look pretty wicked. I don't dig that mace but i love the idea, the flaming mace on Belial looks awesome. Have you thought about using something like the power maul on the dark angels upgrade sprue. It might look a little under imposing on a termie but its an awesome bit made to sit on the top of a thunder hammer style handle.

Colour scheme is sweet, perhaps you could use something like a really dark red for thunder hammer grips and other smaller details to help give depth to the green (colour wheel opposites and all that stuff!).

Looking forward to seeing this progress!

steveNspace said...

For the accent I would recommend an orange or gold if you wanted a metallic. Keep us posted

The Epistolary said...

Well, I'm glad that I actually proved useful to someone for a change :)

I like the idea of an unrecorded successor chapter as well, fits the character of the Unforgiven perfectly. I'd personally lean towards a nice red for your contrast color rather than the blue as I found it worked nicely when I painted up my 2500 point Deathwing/Ravenwing force.

Not a fan of the scepter myself, I agree that using the power maul on the upgrade sprue could look pretty sweet with some minor conversions. The arm itself I think would be too underwhelming on a terminator.

Of course Max Mini has alternative thunderhammers too, though I'm a bit mixed about them. I'm not a fan of the "box" one but the other two are pretty neat.

Nagamo said...

I like the idea of changing the thunderhammer-head to give it a flaillike look, but the "bubbles" on top of it doens´t look aggrssive enought, if you ask me. With a little more work put into it, you could come up with something like that: http://larp-brothers.de/galerie/2/rabenschnabel_gros1.jpg

Black Matt said...

Thanks fellas and I have been on the fence about the maces. Not really a fan but I want an army wide simple conversion. I know exactly what you mace head you guys are talking about, but does anyone have 20-40 of them. The design idea behind them is old world gothic. The whole fire and brimstone deal. Kinda hard when not sponsored by GW;) I'll check out the links when I get home!