All Hail BELIAL, King of the Deathwing

Ive gotten to do something that I havent done in quite a while and its a damn shame. I sat down and modeled up a fig for myself. This will be my Belial Hq model that will go with my new Deathwing. I have been going back and forth with what color or how I should paint this Deathwing. A do it yourself successor chapter, a fallen angels army led by Luther, or straight Deathwing, these where all given consideration. What I want to do is paint them the Dark Angels green, but I dont know of any loop holes in the fluff where that would be Kosher. Im not going to paint them like the Fallen because I dont want another Black Army. Even though its what I am going to do, I dont want to really paint them the bone color either. Im doing it because I have all these Dark ANgel bits and I suppose Deathwing will sell quicker when I sell them.

I played a 2000 point game today and got my nuts kicked in by orks. Tactically speaking, I think this army has a lot of potential, but I will get crushed by orks, tyranids, or other horde armies until I learn how to play it better. Also the dice! When playing an elite army, if your dice arent rolling right, its over. Where as a horde or mech list can be a little more forgiving.


nimrod said...

I think a successor chapter is probably the best bet.. i dont remember if the successor chapters follow the same bone white convention that the 1st company fo the DA's do..

I liked your idea about running a deathwing count as with Imperial Fist though.. when i can afford more termies i might do that myself..

The conversion is spot on though, i really like the torch as thunderhammer.

The Epistolary said...

Putting together a Master of the Deathwing model was a lot of fun, I found.

If you want them to be Dark Angels green make them up as Disciples of Caliban, color scheme is the same dark green and black. Plus they have some pretty cool fluff back story. They exist specifically to counter the threat Cypher poses.

Black Matt said...

@ nimrod and epistolary
My problem is with all the dark angels iconography I have all over the Deathwing and the raven wing. Is the Deathwing symbol specific to the dark angels or is it more a first co. thing?
Hmmmmmm green black with white accents! Test model comin up!
@ epistolary
I don't suppose you have a link for more disciple of caliban info

The Epistolary said...

Should do it for ya as far as the Disciples of Caliban go

If you're looking for other paint schemes to try you could also try the Angels of Redemption, half dark angels green half bone white

Now, as far as the Dark Angels iconography goes, the winged sword is technically exclusive to the Dark Angels and not the other Unforgiven. A bit of a loophole in all that fluff though is that unbeknown to everyone else, the Unforgiven are actually the Dark Angels Legion. Chapter Masters of all the successor Chapters report directly to Azrael, so they operate as a Legion at the highest levels of command. That said, there's no reason that the odd winged sword symbol would be completely out of place in any of the Unforgiven chapters.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

I like the idea of going with the preheresy black or just plain green. Honestly you could just choose two other colors: one for the army and one for the deathwing.

Time to break out the color wheel!!

Belial looks wonderful. I like how grim-dark he seems.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

Btw man, next time we hang, bring a USB drive. I've got an idea for your videos done.

Black Matt said...

Woo hooooooooooo!