The Day before the Day of

A more dynamic pose?

Some bikers I worked on last night.

A question about what to do?

Just cause I am a proud Daddy!


Death 0F Angels said...

build up a crater around the ball on the ground would looks cool when you do the basing.

chaplainaerion said...

I would definitely add the Lightning Claws to your termies. I've been running 7 termies (4 TH/SS and 3 LC) in my Templars. With Furious Charge they are insane (reroll misses AND wounds at Str 5 and Init 5). While you won't be able to give yours the added goodness, having some attacks that will thin the opponent's herd at Init 4 will minimize your losses and give him something else to worry about. Plus you can always apply saves to the Claw guy and remove him in place of a TH that has yet to go, maximizing the chances you'll have to do work at Init 1. As for the extra AP of a chain fist, if your Hammers can't take care of the tank you'd be better off using your meltas. Just my thoughts.

Magilla Gurilla said...

I say field the Terror Tot Titan!
He is sure to win you every game!

steveNspace said...

I find that standard powerfists generally do the job of killing vehicles with everything going to rear armor in 5th ed. It might be good to keep 2 or so chainfists in the list just in case you run into an LR, which are pretty common.