Who got second at the Battle for Salvation Tournament?

This guy did! Meet Jeffrey aka Aus-Rotten and you can check him out over at http://www.4upcover.blogspot.com/
I told Aus-rotten that I would set him up with a plug since his quick wits brow beat me all day Saturday.

Nick Nanavati with his 1st place

James TA???, cant remember your last name, with his 3rd place.

Chris Johnson, winner of the Best Painted at the BFS Spring Tourney

The pictures I took of some of the armies turned out like ass so I am not sure I'll publish anything past best painted.


Aus-Rotten said...

Oh man where's that sweet picture of James?

Fritz said...

I got to play Chris, greay army and great guy! 100% best painted, everything was sweet and well done, when you have Mike Cho impressed by them I knew it was a lock.