vs Danny Internets

Danny Internets has resurfaced on the White Plains 40K scene. THis video is once again me beating his ass. Nothing new!


Magilla Gurilla said...

Solid video as always Matt.
That was a tough match up from the word go.

HuronBH said...

Nice video Matt.

Oh and it looks like I am going to miss my first October BfS tournament this year. I have a friend getting married the same weekend this year. So I have been thinking about maybe heading up to the Da Boyz tournament this year in Rochester instead. Any chance you'll be making it up there this year too?

Black Matt said...

Hey Guys,
I played my first game of Malifaux and I will be putting my first battle report together.
I jsut realized I forgot to reply to you. I will probably go to the Da boyz again. Maybe we can ride together and save some gas!