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Ive finished up Mag's lastest batch. I am on to assembling all of my Malifaux crews for my baptism in fire this week down @ the complete strategist.

I got a email that has me scratching my head. It must have been from someone who knows me or someone who I have played against in a tournament.

Things arent always the way they look! LOL I deal with it all the time but its still funny!


Magilla Gurilla said...

They look dead sexy Matt!
Once again, just the picture alone has me eager to get my hands on these models.
As always, a satisfied customer.

Black Matt said...

Ok, well at least youtube came up with some funny comments. One even hit it right on the nose.

-Extreme masturbating related trauma?

-OKay im guessing 3 things u were a kid n u got a accident on ur bike (also teenages years including) or something happend when u were cooking or lasst but not leas something happend when u were doing warhammer stuff?

-skateboarding accident?

-That barbed wire they put around the girls dorm is a real pain, isn't it! Actually, looks like you tangled with a power tool and had to have the muscles reattached...whatever it was, glad it didn't keep you from you hobby

-Dislocation during reach around? ;)

Now,this is something I cant laugh at. Sorry blog readers, Im kinda disappointed in the lack of teasing.

The person who suggested a bicycle accident in my teens is the winner. I shattered my right wrist and broke my jaw in two spots with some internal bleeding to boot! I have a plate and 5 screws holding my wrist together! Thank god for modern medicine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!