1st Malifaux Battle report

On the modeling end of Malifaux, I havent really had time for much for except for assembling all 5 of my crews in anticipation of everyone showing at the demo. Only 3 out of five made it with only Fritz and myself getting to play. The picture of the cowboy in the Matrix pose is the only real conversion I have had an opportunity to do in my limited experience in Malifaux. Malifaux is character driven so each crew boss has a unique fig. In all honesty, I have not found a real reason to try and convert their figs. They are fine without my touch. Except for this Death Marshall here, he needed to be jumping off something high. The middle fig is Mortimer without his shovel. I cnat remember if I showed him last time or not!??

This is Fritz and I playing our first game of Malifaux
25ss scrap
Nicodem (slaughter)
Pandora (treasure hunt)


Magilla Gurilla said...

Looks like you guys had fun.
Looking forward to more videos.

HuronBH said...

Just remember to include there Coffins on the models somewhere. If you read their rules and fluff closely you will see that it is integral to what they do.

Nice conversion though.

HuronBH said...

So a few comments on the game.

Only Living and Undead models drop Corpse Corpse Counters. Candy is a Sorrow and I'm not sure if she counts as a living model.

When a model has the treasure in the treasure hunt mission, their Wk is reduced to 4" and it cannot be increase in anyway, Spirits lose the ability to Move through other Models and the ability to ignore terrain penalties, Models lose Flight or Float. Also a model Changing Position on the table by any effect other then a normal Wk Action or leaving play drops the treasure Counter in Base Contact with itself before moving.

So when Pandora pushed as an effect of her trigger, she should have dropped the treasure. You can find the special rules for Treasure hunt listed in the Strategy.

Looks like you guys had fun your first game. Congrats.

Black Matt said...

I'm wanting our own scrap if you can make it out someday
@ Huron
Do you think its a big deal if I don't include the coffins. I left them off for a reason. I don't like them.

HuronBH said...

They have an ability that puts an enemy in them and buries them underground. Up to you I guess.

Magilla Gurilla said...

@Black Matt
Of course, as soon as I can figure this game out...oh and can figure out how to use the Dreamer....
....last time I pick a force based on the way the models look....
LOL...he is much more difficult to use that I thought.