extortion, beginners edition

Hey fellas, I really have had no desire to play any 40k for quitel some time now. How can I have a blog called black Matt's black legion blog if I'm not playing chaos, let alone any 40k. I'm not quite sure of that so I guess I will have to just play some more 40k, chaos edition. I'll start back up with the battle reports when I begin playing again, which will be tonight! Dual lash, back in action!

Until I get some REAL new content, go and check out jani over @

Jani was the lucky blog reader who won the thunder wolf calvary from my contest. The only speed bump we had was that someone in Spain tried to extort money from me when I sent the package. Better luck next time, Jennifer!


Sgt. Brisbane said...

Man, I'm bummed I can't face you today :(

Looks like our dinner plans for next week will be dinner and an 1850 point game!

Old Shatter Hands said...

I hear man, a good break from 40k is always nice. I haven't really played since the Conflict GT. I'm trying to get into Infinity...that game is sick! So are the models!

Black Matt said...

@ Sgt
4 sho
@ shatta
Infinity, sounds sci fi ish. Do you have any people playing in your area or are you trying to jump start it? It's kinda tough, people are into or not and often resistant to something new. I was.

bkbutlerme said...

Hey Matt! Get them Chaos Mahreeens back in action! You are a hero to some of us up here in Maine. Get you mojo back! I noticed Ragnar, the guy you played in Bangor a while back, did will so far with his Chaos list...You have always been better than him when you want to be...

Black Matt said...

I am trying to get the mojo back. My modeling mojo has been stirred up, lets see if I can get the game mojo going!
If you see Ragnar on a regular, tell him I said hello!