Ill be painting blood angels till I die ;)

My buddy Mags has commissioned another couple of squads for his Angels Encarmine army. Ive got several drop pods and a Furioso Dread on the way from Rob over @ Until those get here I will have to work on 10 more Bone colored Sanguinary Guard thats the first part of the order and that I already have. Nothing really new that you havent seen, even though I got some plans for his Death co. drop pod. Itz'll be kool.

The figs that I have pictured here are from the Malifaux Game. Von Schill, Mortimer, Lady Justice, and Collette are just works in progress. Im wanting to get each of my 5 crew masters painted before I start playing. With the extra commissions that I have picked up lately, I havent been able to finish evrything I imagined.


Magilla Gurilla said...

I really like Von Schill.
The more I look at him, the more I really like not only him but his crew.

Colette...well, who doesn't like a showgirl!