Estoy Furioso!!

Im curretly just finishing up some Angels Encarmine for Mags. Ive got the Death co troop Drop pod to finish this weekend and then its on to assembling some Malifaux crews. Im really excited about this because I have arranged for someone to run through and teach us some games of Malifaux down in Manhattan. Fritz, Ultrabob, Sgt Brisbane, The Unnamed, and myself will all be going to learn the rules and enjoy the day. Ive got to get all the crews built so we can play! Woo Hoo. We will see if it takes off. No one has been able to introduce a new game to the Battle for Salvation since it began. Aeronautica sputtered along with Fantasy. All to be forgotten when a new 40K codex came out. We will see, even though I dont really play there anymore.


Magilla Gurilla said...

Looks Great!
As always, I am very happy with the results. Can not wait to get my grubby fingers on the model!

HuronBH said...

Looking good Matt. I especially like how you did the wings on the front plates of the body.