Ruby Red Lips

Yes, I am this thrilled to not be painting power armour! I was hanging with my boys from the Sons of Thunder and they were obviously excited and into talking some 40K shop. When they were asking me what codex I thought would come out next, I think I said Malifaux. I cant help it. Im really into these figs, or maybe I am just happy to be doing something different. Let me put it this way, I dont have to pretend anymore that my wife makes me paint lip stick on my figs. No more explaining the fluff about my space marines with ruby red lips stained from their home planet's radiation. When I paint Colette, the showgirl at the bottom, I will paint lip stick free of judgemental eyes;) I can finally be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J/k by the way. My beginning crew in Malifaux will be:



2x The hanged

Hey guys, I know this is presumptous but please dont critique my crew choice just yet! I havent even seen a game played so I am just trying to get some crews painted so I can get the game going in my area. My model choices are based of what I wanted to paint! Either way, Im excited. Four models and Im ready to play a game! WOO HOO


Sgt. Brisbane said...

Dude, the band looks great! I can't wait to try this game, all I hear is good things about it!

Then again, I'm a fig whore, show me a sexy model and I'm in!

Tordeck said...

Looking real good Bro.

I too am interested in seeing it played. The models in the range are just so good looking.

Just like Brisbane, when I see hot models I am in!!

HuronBH said...

Nice stuff so far Matt. That is one of the most nicely painted Nicodem's I have ever seen. The Hanged are the only models for Resurrectionist from the first book that I do not own. Made need to picks some up now.

Keep up the good work.

Magilla Gurilla said...


I have to agree with Huron, those are some of the best painted models for Malifaux that I have ever seen. The hanged in particular are fantastic.

Lord Shaper said...

Love the look of the Crew there Matt!

You put me to shame...

You wait until the bug gets you and you end up getting a faction... I'm only missing about 2 figures from the Guild at this point.

Be sure to let us know how you go with some games.

Black Matt said...

@ @tordeck,
I'll keep ya posted, and once I learn to play, I will be trying to teach people. You can borrow one ofmy crews.
@ Huron
I remember when the last time we played @ the BFS tourney and I declined playing a game of malifaux. I regret that so much cause now I really need help in learning to play. Let that be a lesson kiddies, don't be afraid try new things!
@ mags, Huron.
Thanks for the compliments fellas. Those are some pretty big words! I think ill make some videos about my painting choices. For instance, I didn't like the example of Nicodem on the box
painted by Eric j. It's excellent work as the stitches are freehand. It's so good, it turned me off of the model until I got it in my hands and saw that his coat wasn't stitched together in the sculpt. A stitched up coat seemed more Texas chainsaw massacre than a ruthless, old, suave and completely ruthless undertaker.
@ lord shaper
Thanks for commenting! Truth be told, I already own 5 box sets! One from each faction! Not only has the bug bitten, its chewed way into my brain!

Scott said...

whoa! a game that I can play after painting just four models??? sounds like my kind of game. I'll be back around at BFS since my schedule has freed up my Monday nights, so maybe we can learn to play Malifaux together??

anyway, nice models!

Black Matt said...

It looks like I will need a few more models because I can raise zombies. The starter sets have between 5 and 6 models. We are going down to the complete strategist on either the 14 or the 21 to have someone walk us through some games