Astoroth and Co.

Here are a couple of figs that I painted a few weeks ago as sort of a paypack for the Angels Encarmine Death Co. Dread. I originally had it in mind to do a broad crest on the Stormraven with one side black , a white stripe in the middle, and the other red. Similar to the picture of the dread on the bottom. That idea was declined and a simpler paint scheme was decided. I did the Astoroth model as a gift of my own for Magilla Gurilla over at


steveNspace said...

Stormraven is awesome. I really like your take with the grey instead of using silver.

RonSaikowski said...

I just started an Astorath model myself. Mine's a conversion for a friend and it's made of all plastic for his DIY chapter.

It's a tough pose to get in plastic.


Magilla Gurilla said...

Thanks for the present, the picture you put up of the Astorath model doesn't do it justice. The model is fantastic looking.
I know that Snake-Eyes will probably make his own post, but the Stormraven looks perfect.

Great jobs!

Snake-Eyes said...

I concur, the StormRaven looks FANTASTIC. Your work is superb as always... and Thank You for showing me mercy by sticking with the easier paint scheme. After all, I am going to have to make an attempt at recreating it on my other vehicles.

Thanks Again !!!!

Sgt. Brisbane said...

Very nice Stormraven, bro! The grey is very nicely done!

Black Matt said...

Hey guys sorry slow to respond?
@ steve
Im actually dreading having to do a metallic grey knight. When I do Ill use a really watered down old school blue ink from gw
Have you painted much besides GW minis. Im really into WYRD / Malifaux stuff right now. Id love your take on that stuff
Ps if your looking for a home for that occasional blog post, your always welcome here. Ill change the name to Black Matt's Black Legion Blog that's From the Warp!;)
@mags and snakeyes
Do you guys wanns come over for some gaming?
@Sgt brisbane,
thanks, the grey is pretty easy. I can show ya if you want

Das Reich said...

Really sweet work here.