Conflict gt army coverage part 1

Before we get to the goodies that I got to look at this past weekend, let me shamelessly plug some of my auctions I have on Ebay.
3 Thunderwolf Calvary Built and painted

Fantasy Skaven Plague Furnace/ SCreaming Bell On sprue minus a few cool bits!

Warmachine and Hordes old edition rule books

This was a Tzeench army done by a bearded fellow whom I believe was a member of the Warmongers Gaming club.

This is what I would guess to be a red templars army.

This army belong to a member Jeff Osmund and I like it for tournament play because of the low model count. It consists of two stormravens both with death company and a dreadnought. It looks like it also has a small assault squad in a razorback. Im looking forward to playing against this unusuall army.


Grimnar Angband said...

Hey! I've fought those Red Templars before! Good to see them again.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

The Red Templar look fantastic!

Jeff's DC list is pretty sweet, too. Wonder how he'll like the new Stormraven model?!

Any videos this time around, bro?

Black Matt said...

Yeah, I have an interview with a young kid about his tournament experience. I havent watched it yet but I remember talking with him.

lil will said...

how much are you selling the t.wolves for?

Black Matt said...

its an ebay auction, follow the link my young apprentice!

lil will said...

oh ok I bid