Conflict gt army coverage part 2

This is Ed Millers recently renovated Salamanders army. Looks Snazzy huh?

Say hello to Andrew!

Im not sure why, but I didnt take a picture from the front of his fate weaver daemon model.


Warhammer39999 said...

Great looking armies. I see that Ed made good use of shoulderpads from the company formerly known as Chapterhouse Studios, eh?

On Andrew's army, is that sphere his fateweaver? Interesting take on it...

Michael Hogan said...

The Salamander's look great. A bit yellow on the edges, but I guess that is what makes them look bright, can't complain. A nice accent, now that I consider it...

The Fateweaver is a bit odd. Original... I do like the ogre conversions.

What is going to happen to Chapterhouse Studios? Any clue as of yet?

Black Matt said...

@warhammer 40k-1 and m hogan
Not sure about chapterhouse, I think they are toast!

The thing I live about the fate weaver is it'd originality. I would love to see him get an award of some kind for it. Good job Andrew, if your watching, listening!

Ed recently added all the yellow to his sallies!

DarkCorsair said...

This is Andrew.

Oh god, I look gay in that video :(

Thanks for the interview and pictures though. I really appreciated it. I type much better than I talk.

The "sphere" is my fateweaver, in the fluff I have each of the powers represented very well if anyone is interested. It is supposed to be one the the 7 plagueheralds mentioned in the codex.

Warhammer39999 said...

I'd be interested in seeing more pics if you have 'em available, 'Drew...

pissclams said...

for now chapterhouse studios continues to take orders. They actually cant keep up with the sudden inrush of orders. I assume in anticipation of a shut-down. Unfortunatly this isnt a simple cease and decist. GW is demanding there day in court so looks like they have to go to court instead of simply changing there website.

Its a shame since they put out a very nice niche product and really help modellers like myself to actentuate the GW products we buy. Hopefully they can stay in buisness.

Matt thanks a bunch for the mention in the blog i really appreciate it. I wasnt %100 on going with the yellow however once i started working with it i really thought it created a very nice contrast to the green and set my army apart from the usual green salamander armies you see. I tend to like my armys a tad on the bright side. Matt can attest to that with my preators and my IG army.

I think my next stage will be to add 5 objective markers and markers for the MotF's "bolster defense". I need to finish all of the eyes as some are not done.

Im also considering doing battle damage on all of the dreads and vehicals.

Im hoping these last few things will put me in the running for best painted and players choices.

Fritz said...

I really liked the sphere fateweaver model also- gret scratchbuilt and fantastic idea to fit him into a "nurgle" army.

Black Matt said...

No worries, I thought you would paint a little G on the side of there helmet. ;) closet packers fan!
Im not talking about football;p LOL

We might have to hang little Andrew! He is playing a counts as model. Obviously a power gamer! Tsk Tsk (sarcastically speaking if course;)