Battle for Salvation represents! again

I dont have the whole list of winners but I do know that Battle for Salvation boss man, Ultrabob walked away with the Best General award this weekend. Another BfS youngblood member, Eddy Miller Jr., walked away with the Best Sportsmans award. I wasnt there but a little birdie told me. Not sure about the rest, but I am sure itll be up somewhere tomorrow morning!
Good Job Bobby and Eddy!!!!!!!!!!!!


pissclams said...

bfs rankings: out of 56 players

5th: Bobby Sinnott marines
6th: James Mahood nids
10th Danny "internets" Matilich IG
11th Ed Miller Marines
13th Chris Dubuque BA
16th Eddy Miller chaos SM
22th Jeff Omundson BA
35th Fritz Feddeck harly Eldar

we had a great time, the tourny was ran very well.

Brother Captn James said...

Nids for the win. who says you need to have a broken net list. LOLZ

Black Matt said...

Except nids didn't win and a net list leaf blow mech guard list did
I heard you threw a fit in the last two games