Tron rocked my world! It was everything that I wanted it to be. The plot could have been, "See dick and jane run," for all I care, because I went for the light and music show. Boy, did it deliver. I paid 16.25 for an Imax ticket plus a 20 parking ticket. I went at 1230am in the morning while my wife and child were sleeping and it was worth every penny. The movie theater is awesome and my seat was literally ratteling from the base in the beginning. I think I am just a little more deaf now! WHAT DID YOU SAY!?


GDMNW said...

I am absolutely thrilled to hear this. Tron was one of the big movies of my childhood. I even had the lego sets linked to the movie!

When I heard that Bridges was going to be in this one too I about died.

Now. You say you didn't care about the plot, is that a polite way of saying the plot was poor but doesn't matter? or were you perhaps saying that the show looked so good that it didn't matter?

Either way, I'm stoked to go an get my ticket. I could use some proper escapist entertainment!

Black Matt said...

I thought the plot was good but that isnt the reason that I went to see the movie in the first place. SO I guess Im saying the movie looked so good that it didnt matter!
I didnt forget your paint recipe request, i will release the video on Monday or Wed.

Dan (nyhil) said...

Glad it rocked. The woman and I will go next week to that IMAX in Nyack.

This past weekend we saw Black Swan, which was awesome for all sorts of other reasons...

HuronBH said...

I need to hit it up in IMAX I guess. Regular and 3D worth both pretty good. Hmm, there is an IMAX theatre a couple miles from my place, now to find a showing.