The Hawk Lords debut/ 4 GDMNW

Im just kidding, thats some mentally handicapped chapter Fritz owns! But these sanguinary guard sure look like a bunch of hawk men right now!
I got a lot of things done this weekend. Feels good to be a little back on track. My mood wasnt in the project the last few weeks and when that happens, its just a second job. Its there now and I am making some real quick progress.
The white sanguinary guard was a test model that I did and I left it so that it could be a real pain in my ass later when I have to come back and finish it! LOL just kidding, I left it white to have some comparision shots near the end! It will be a pain in my ass though!
In other news, I made a verbal commitment for my next commissioned army.
Drum role please,!!!
Raven Guard, complete with all the Forge World trimmings.
Last month I had made a different verbal commitment to do a PRE Heresy Emperor's Children army for a gentlemen who seems to have back out of the deal. I have mixed feelings about this because on one hand, I was anxious about the sheer amount of work that it would take. On the other hand, I was excited about the project and what it would do for my miniature portfolio.
The video is me talking about my red paint recipe I used for this angels encarmine!


Death 0F Angels said...

ya, i always hate that. I normally pin metal marines were the backpack mounts and mount it to something heavy. Hate doing it myself, up to you wich one is more anoying though.

GDMNW said...

Great to hear that you're back on track!

I'm getting inexorably closer to having to paint my own sanguinary guard and I can't help thinking that I'm going to be sucked in to painting them white. And that's despite my reservations about how much work it's going to take to get them to look good.

I'm not sure I've got your skillz!

Great news about the new commission. How do you generally set them up. Are they people you know or do people drop you emails after seeing the stuff you've put together before?

Oh, and thanks for the mention! :D

Black Matt said...

People usually email me and let me know they have something they would like worked on. I have really only like to do whole armies from start to finish. My smallest commission to date is a ten vehicle Ultramarine gig.