The rest of the top painted

These are the armies that were displayed as the top armies. I cant remeber if it was the first or second day. I think there were more but these were displayed. There is a pink Tau army that I only have a short video of but didnt get stills.

Iron Within, Iron Without!

This display board makes me jealous!!! Awesome work!!

This Grot and Def Dread army won the theme award and Ive never seen a more fitting prize. It was a Forge world MEGA DREAD. Its a pretty fun looking army!!!!!!
This was a Khorne traitor Guard army


Crispy said...

The Khorne traitor Guard army was Chris Mollink's (sp?). He was my 3rd round opponent. Even though it was a late in the day, and we were both tired, he gave me the best game of the weekend.

Great looking army, and a really cool player.

BJ said...

Man it looks like you all had some very nice looking armies participate. I am glad to see that some people still take all of the hobby seriously and make their armies actually look good.

Sigmar said...

I really like the look of those Tyranids Matt. Excellent painting.

Bob Evers' Da Boys in an earlier post also look superb with some very unique colouring and "camouflage" and almost fantasy battle style shields.

Nice pics, Thanks for sharing,

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Michael Hogan said...

The Iron Warriors have a very crisp metallic to them, I love it! And the traitor guardsmen are just beautifully converted. Congratz to them.

Michael Hogan said...

Sorry to double post, but I want to add that they all were amazing armies, those two just relate more to me as a player.

AutarchAndrew said...

I love those iron warriors,they dont sparkle like some metallics.and those tyranids were off da hook.