1850pts of the 1st and 10th

Aboard the Phalanx, the veteran 1st company stands at attention in ceremonial ranks waiting to recieve their guest. Captain Darnath Lysander exhales with impatience as the Ultramarine Thunderhawk prepares to land and expunge it's, "unnecessary cargo."

"Our tenth company is not to be found lacking in any way, and I don't believe this is necessary," said the first captian.

"Old friend, do not look at this as a slight on our honor, but as a chance to restrengthen our bond with our allies, the Ultramarines. You will accept and guide our tenth company by learning from our guest. Do not mistake that as a request, captain," said Vladimir Pugh, Chapter Master of the Imperial Fists.

As the Thunderhawk screams into the loading dock, not a single heartbeat is misplaced as the ship settles unceremoniously and lowers the ramp. Without pause, the cargo of the thunderhawk disembarks and walkd to the awaiting Honor Guard to present himself.

"Sergeant Torias Telion of the Ultramarines 10th company, reporting for duty as decreed by Chapter Master Marneus Calgar," said Telion.

"Welcome aboard the Phalanx, Sargeant. I am Chapter Master Vlad and this is my first Captain, Darnath Lysander. He will be your reinforcements,..........and protectorate, should you need them. The tenth company awaits your inspection and tutelage," said Vlad!

"With all due respect commander, an Ultramarine can take care of himself," states Telion.


Fritz said...

Interesting how Telion works in the list- and its 100% fluff, a lot of dudes forget that he trains other scouts, etc.

Michael Hogan said...

With the new FAQ, Telion is even better. Gives his entire squad Stealth without Camo Cloaks. Don't know if that was mentioned as I can't see a video (if one is posted).

DaveHowitzer said...

Absolutely loving the idea Matt, on top of that the army looks fantastic.

Black Matt said...

Thanks for the props boys, thank yous very much!

Papa JJ said...

Great looking collection, I really like your scout's headgear. Are those shaved down Marine heads? Very cool concept for your army, this might be my favorite of your armies that I've seen so far.