3rd Place best painted BoB Evers!

Bob Evers, come on down and claim 3rd place at Da Boyz.  I have a lot more pictures of Bob's stuff because I played him my last game!!




tim said...

love the bagpipe model :-). that is a really nice looking army

AutarchAndrew said...

? those are salamanders right? arent salamanders supposed to have onyx color in skintone.

all though the army looks great!

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Wow, such a fluffy army. I hope he got 100% on his comp score

All those scales must have taken a while. The whole thing looks good.

I am glad these guys are white. Radiation black guys with demonic red eyes are not my cup of Astartes fluff.

Druthu said...

Bickety Bad Bob....
Matt from your video from Grim's You were playing the table next to Bob Evers...good friend of mine.
Good to see him still pushing out the miniatures.