OK, Black Matt doesnt win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I didnt win!!!!!!!!!!!!


Da Warboss said...

Lol Chaos Dreads and bikes...what, did you go to the junkyard during army comp? Next time ask me for a list if you want to beat down that couch potatoe

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Yeah, sometimes we get pressured by something that isn't even there. Sometimes our minds betray us. D'oh!

Chaos Dreads and Bikes are not great, but if you visited YTTH you'd know that ;)

Do you often reserve your Chaos guys?
I know it works for Chosen as Infiltrate becomes Outflank.


I am thinking about doing 'maltese-cross-work' on my Templar Rhinos akin to your Chaos star. It wont be for quite a while. If I ever do it and it looks good I try to get some pics online.


Da Warboss:
Do you have a chip on your shoulder about Stelek?

Black Matt said...

I like csm bikes a lot. I think you need to read my blog more;) They performed there jobs beautifully. Both units that turbo boosted on, or at least the second one, soaked up a whole lot of shooting. The dread was there for spite. I dont need any help writing lists, I know exactly what I am doing! I appreicate the offer though!

Da Warboss said...

He's foul-mouthed and egotistical on his blog, but apparently more aimiable in person. So he seems to be one of the guys who shows his nature on the blog where he does not have to deal with people in person. Catty as hell, but whatever.