Battle for Salvation Best Painted


Here are some of the pictures that I took of the army that won best painted at our tournament.  Most of the pictures that I took are out of focus, so sorry Dan.  Look for more of Dan's work in the coming weeks.   He has shown me some pics of some very nice Daemons that I will share with everyone if I get my hands on them.  Enjoy the pics, and sorry my photography skills failed!

Dan Oppidesano


HuronBH said...

Dan's stuff was amazing but so was yours. Don't sell yourself short Matt.

Dan, if you read this, this is Jay. Please drop me a line to my GL email, with your contact info. I left my folder with my army lists, templates, the missions, and your army book up in NY accidentally and I definitely want to talk more with you and bounce some ideas off you I have for future armies if your willing. Could you please add you back story in to, I'd like to post it on my blog if you don't mind along with my coverage of our battle.

Michael Hogan said...

Wow, a really amazingly painted and converted army. There are too many sweet looking Renegade Guard armies when I'm saving for Dark Eldar minis!

The High Priest said...

Anyone have a list for that? What points value is it? What are all the vehicles supposed to represent? There are a lot of Russ hulls - did he really field like 9 x Russes?

Anonymous said...

Wow Dan's army looks great! I'd like to see more pictures of it, to stick in my LATD codex. Very greasy, I like it. The use of Defiler turrets and Hellcannons is a good idea. I hope he made a giant brass scorpion from 4 kits worth of defiler legs!

Hudson said...

Great looking army!

Michael Hogan said...

The High Priest - I believe he did use the Russ chassis on everything, but the tanks with the two autocannon-looking turrets probably represent Chimeras with multilasers. That is my guess at least.

If I was to completely guess a list I'm guessing he has
Company Command Squad with Chimera

4 x Veterans with Chimera

2 x Medusas (the big cannons ones)

4 x Leman Russ Tanks (Defilers)

2 x Vendettas

Not sure, as that doesn't seem like it would add up to enough points, so I'm probably missing something. Either way, still an amazing army.