Me, Impatient? Nah never!!!

So I am waiting for about 5 Land speeders to show up so I can finish off this Ultramarine commission.  I expect them shortly:)   In the meantime, I went out and bought a box of Sanguinary Guard and put them together this weekend.  I wont say anything that hasn't been said but this is an awesome kit.  I also put together a chaplain since I had nothing to do on Sunday night.  If my client doesn't like it, out it goes! 
 Client?  Yeah I'm taking another stab at the Angels Encarmine for Mags over at  In my own hubris opinion, this is where I shine.  Planning the construction and painting of whole armies.  I have chosen to turn down some commissions in the past where I was asked to finish off armies because I really want the projects to be mine and also the additional time that it would take to match paint and styles.  Saying that, I have a full painting schedule until after Christmas!

these are the banners for the 5th company Utlramarines


Magilla Gurilla said...

Looking Good, looking good.

The chaplain is perfect...just needs a pistol with a little more heat!!!

Big Jim said...

The Chaplain is simply fantastic!


Black Matt said...

Thanks guys
@ big jim
I completely missed your stuff getting stolen. I had to take a 40K/blog break. I would have coughed up something! That sucked, 4 sho!!!!!!!!

Big Jim said...

Thanks Matt, I totally understand taking a break!

It did/does suck for sure! Thanks for the support!