Alas, no more drama! Back to the Grind with an Ultramarines commission!

one of the 6 dreads I am doing
Well like the title states, there is no more drama here, just a progress update on what I did last week.  I have had a very patient client who let me slip in those khorne/space wolves while he waited on his Ultramarine Dreads. I have been looking forward to a blue colored commission as I think they look really good with the color fade that I did!  The pics dont do them justice.
I dont know about anyone else, but I really hate this new editor on blogger as I am finding it difficult to do the things I want.  Im gonna crank out another 5 speeders but he better hurry and get them to me as it looks like I will be revisiting the Angels Encarmine soon.  Look forward to white Death Company and the winged guys! 


Marius Xerxes said...

I know your very proud of your work. I need to get some good pictures of that Deamon Prince you did for me when you still lived here.

That way you can post them up on your site and have credit placed where it is due.

Phil Kelly even thought it was brilliant when I played him at Adepticon a few years back.

Black Matt said...

I've been kinda curious as to where youve been. You guys still playing?

IDICBeer said...

They look awesome, love the fade effect, very nice.

Marius Xerxes said...

@ Matt

Yeah still playing. Got that tournament Toby and I setup kicking off here in a few weks so we will see how it goes.

Been totally indecisive on what army I want to play. So just been toying with lists trying to find something fun.