Freehand plans a plenty!

 I have been able to spend a little bit of time on my own things since I got some comish work done early and I have been preping to do the freehand work on the Slaanesh Rhino from my Black Legion.  Do you guys remember this pic?
I posted it a WHILE ago about how I plan on using this as my inspiration.  Now this is where you guys come in.  I know that I will do a radial color fade from a light to dark pink, but several questions need to be answered before I pick up the paints.  With freehand, always have a plan, so dont just wing it unless you want to be painting over your mistakes soon.  

The way I look at this image, I see that it has a necessity of three differences or colors.  I have to somehow, separate the skin from the background and then there is of course the black sludge.  So, a different color for the back ground, the sludge or ooze, and the body itself.     

If you look at this nurgle rhino freehand, you can deduce that I first did a color fade from top to bottom and then used black to draw the images on top of that.  I will do a similar technique with the Slaanesh image but the question is, what will be the black image and what is the other color that i should use?   

Should I copy the image as much as possible and have the color fade look like some sort of back lighting?  Should I use the color fade as the body with the ooze as a different color, yellow perhaps?  
Should I use the color fade as the ooze with the body as a different color?

Im interested as to what everyones opinions are on this matter!

This video is just me talking about freehand prep on vehicles!


Dan (nyhil) said...

This is what I see. Black background, pale skin figure, then use the color fade as the sludge itself. If you are careful and thoughtful in applying the color fade, you could use the shades of color to depict the curves of the figure's body in a three dimensional way; which is what the natural focus of the image will be anyway: Naughty bits.

Just how I would envision it; I am in no way saying I could accomplish this effect.

Good luck!

Black Matt said...

Its going to be pretty hard, but I like what youve got your eye on. It would sort of look like the ooze is the warp dripping and enveloping are pleasure seeker. Should I try and incorporate daemonette claws in place of the hands?
Why dont I make this as hard as possible? J/K

Kevinmcd28 said...

do what slaanash would do, make it look like sex, drugs and vices.

Dan (nyhil) said...

If you REALLY wanted to make something challenging, you could try to paint the areas of the pallid flesh that the sludge has passed over as Daemonette, and the flesh that the sludge has yet to touch, as human. As though the sludge is corrupting the figure.

This would add a nice narrative element to the image, but, on an image this size, it is probably way too much to communicate.