Black Matt vs Stelek!! tournament style!! 2nd game!!!

I very much consider this my real, or better game against stelek!!  In the grudge match, I let the hype get into my head.  I am such a better player than reserving everything against tau.  I choked, but this game is a different!  I went into the game with the an ass beating attitude.  I made two mistakes that cost me this great game.  1)  I advanced my thunderwolf calvary thinking they could kill a scout squad in four rounds of combat.;P  I should of just held them back.  2)  Watch the video and see what cost me the game.  I will be bold and state that Stelek won but he didnt beat me this game.  I beat myself because I had him until I blew it.  I am really glad Andy made the trip and I got to know him in person! 


Killswitch said...

Looks like a shit game tbh xD! His not clear at all, would piss me riiight off to play him xD!

HuronBH said...


Man, I don't know about the explanation. Was the unit already engaged? If it was I think you can charge however you want and don't have to move closest to closest in a straight line.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

It is correct - you can only move first with the IC when you are being assaulted etc - to ensure you get into base to base. It is one of the things you have to worry about with ThunderWolf guys and dogs. If you are doing the assaulting just make sure you set up that your Lord goes first - ie closest. Or you need to make a super assault monster only kill 2 dogs etc.

At least it was close and it didn't got as bad as - shit reserves sucks like you had last time :).

Magilla Gurilla said...

Close Game.

Yes, having to move the closest model stinks when you have an IC. I messed myself up with that when assaulting out of my Land Raider with the beautiful Terminators you painted up for me. I blocked my Librarian out of assault.

It happens. However, when it comes down to one little mistake you know it was a close game.

Morten said...

Red vs Blue!

Black Matt said...

Thanks guys,
I was so close to glory! I thought I had him. Luck ran out on me as I had three twin linked lascannons firing on a damn speeded in the same shooting phase with nothing but a weapon destroyed result. That also would have given me the win. Ohhh welllllll....... next time. ;)

I'm gonna reload he video when I get home, evidently the audio off.

Da Warboss said...

Actually you only have to move the IC first when REACTING to an assault, not if you are assaulting.

bkbutlerme said...

I think you gotta diagram it out...

When an IC is assaulting with a group, it must move first, and it cannot move thru or over other unit bases to get HTH,straight lines are NOT REQUIRED, just closest to closest. After the IC moves in, the rest of the unit does too. If the IC was totally bubble wrapped, it could not charge in. If it had a base-sized hole, it would have had opportunity.

Crazy game, both of you were stressed, him more so.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Black Matt, I think you did really well! A+

A few things this way or that could have seen you with the narrow win instead of StelStel.

You could have cooed about that for years! ;)

Stelek was right about the IC and the assault from what I can gather from the video.

Thanks for going to the trouble of posting these videos for us all.

Colby said...

Interesting game, but Andrew's 3rd turn had me boggled. Why was he being so anal about rolling each reserve unit separately, deploying it, and then rolling for the next. That's not how the rulebook says to do it.

From page 94: "Once all of the units have been rolled for, the player picks any one of the units arriving and deploys it..."

I wouldn't have even noticed if he hadn't been so vocal about it. I noticed he did the same thing the game you played with him before the tournament started.


AutarchAndrew said...

I thought IC consoladate in first.nothing says that the wolves are a squad or something then they would be considered a retinue.but in all cases ICs consoladate in first.I think stelek got it wrong

Black Matt said...

Guys, Andy was right about the combat. It's not a consolidation move when charging in. Consolidates happen after a round of combat, right? Don't make me call my lawyer, my rules lawyer.
@marshall, no problem my pleasure.

Death 0F Angels said...

After all the shit i hear about that guy i expected him to have horns. Seems like a decent dude but damn, his blood pressure seemed to be headed north till the game was over.

Rancor709 said...

Yeah the IC rule was played correctly. However the only model that has to go closest to closest is the first model everything else can move its 6" or maxium roll from moving into cover. So if you want something in assault make sure that model is up front. Weird game. To answer the reason for the anal reserve rolling was likely a stale tactic to lower the time in the over all match available to play. Noticed he was really liberal with his readjusts back wards that gained him an inch or two of movement forward.

Da Warboss said...

IC do NOT have to assault first. They react to assaults against their unit or pile-in's first. When I assault those broke-assed Thunderwolves, you can bet Mad Doc Grotsnik is in the 2nd rank so he can wrap and avoid Thunderhammers...

GDMNW said...

Just to be totally clear:

Short Version:

Your Wolf Lord was able to assault and you should have won the game.

Why (or the long version)

p34 Assault Rules

"Start each assault by moving a single model from the assaulting unit. The model selected must be the one closest to the enemy"

and then

"After moving the first model in the unit, you can move the others in any sequence you desire"

Straight lines are nowhere mentioned.

IC Rules, p49

"...the character assaults too, as it is part of the unit."

In 40k, ICs are only separate for the purpose of resolving attacks.


Normally no one would bother with this sort of thing but Stelek is just plain rude with those who get the rules wrong and then during your game he got this and the deeps strike rules wrong. If I'd done it in a video he'd have slated me.

I'm not slating. I'm just pointing out that you were cheated. Not a big deal, but right's right you know? And wrong is wrong.

Black Matt said...

I just noticed your post! Sometimes I win and sometimes I dont! If I look at it any other way, its unhealthy. I guess better luck next time. By the end, I was just tired of fighting.

lil will said...

This game didnt look fun