doubles game and priest tweek!

Thats a whole lotta lovin getting ready to be goin on!!!

This past monday night I had a great time playing a doubles game versus bobby and Fritz. It wasnt a lovey lovey list bringing time, it was a "shank em with a butter knife," time.
4 Lash
18 Oblits
2 suicide biker squads
5 chosen outflanking homewreakers
AHHHHHH, now thats a game!


Magilla Gurilla said...

That Sang Priest is turning out fantastic! Excellent.
Cannot wait to see the rest of the army.

As for the double game, I don't think I wanna play doubles against you. LOL.

18 Obliterators? Ouch!

tim said...

4 lashes!!! followed by 18 oblits!!! you are my go to guy if i need someone to play with in doubles. that is a scary list, aand i thought 2 lash and 9 oblits hurted

tim said...

love the priest ;-). how did you make the chalice?! when i tried i failed horribly!

tim said...

check out my priest! it isn't in terminator armor but it's okay. sorry for the poor picture quality

Black Matt said...

@ tim
I made the chalice by sculpting green stuff. No time for specifics but I made it in pieces and glued it together.

try looking for a macro button on your camera. It is usually represented by a flower. It lets the camera foucs on small objects!

Give it another shot, cause it looks good, just out of focus.

tim said...

here is a better image:

Gonewild said...

That goblet is really bad ass. I'm going to try crafting a few of my own- I'll let you know how it turns out; Thanks Matt!