Angels Encarmine debut

You can expect a lot more where this came from. As soon as I get my hands on the rest of the army, which is considerable, I will be pushing full steam ahead.
Sanguinary Priest in Terminator Armour

2 of 4 Razorbacks in Army


Magilla Gurilla said...

Looking good, looking good.
I particularly like the Sanguinary Priest, I can't wait to see the finished model.

Tony said...

Very nicely painted, well done.


Black Matt said...

Thanks fellas,
The pictures aren't doing them justice.
The fade from a darker red and the highlight lines aren't showing up as well as in person.
I got my eye on the prize and when I get in this mood, I get a lot of things done. I just don't have the models in my hand! Arghh!

Kevinmcd28 said...

Go win tournament loot Matt. Those razors look a lot like my World Eaters Rhinos. Is this the new Black Matt army?


Turbo said...

joining the red army warmaster :) they look great

i paint -Mechrite over black, badab wash, blood red,baal wash, orange highlight, vomit highlight- for my brighter than canon flesh tearers.

any suggestions on how i should paint flesh tearers sanguinary guard? the codex says everyone except encarmine (pretty sure) paints gold (yours are white). but it seems a little out of character for tearers to use filigreed gold.

look forward to more, anyway

AutarchAndrew said...

Jawaballs better watch out

tim said...

what did you use to make the priest!!! it looks amazing :-)

HuronBH said...

Nice job Matt, loving the bright reds and how the contrast with the deep blacks. Looking forward to seeing some of the basic marines paint jobs.

Oh and the SangP is a regular terminator Sergeant with Dark Angels Dread Knee Pads as shoulder guards, coming along well. Are you going to add any White to the mini to signify that it is an apothecary/SangP?

tim said...

thanks, Huron. i am making a blood angel army and i needed to model a priest and now i know how.

Black Matt said...

Sorry I dropped the ball there. Definitely dark angel dread parts. I sculpted a cup out of green stuff and the head is a robed one from the dark angels as well!
@ huron
Thanks for the fumble recovery! To be honest, I didn't know a sanguinary priest had anything to do with a apoth. I thought he had more to do with a chaplain. The robed head I chose will be a good place for that.

Look for pics tomorrow. !

Black Matt said...

@ turbo
I don't really know any blood angels*/flesh tearers fluff. Except of course how their primarch got owned bY horus! Maybe paint them hold like everyone else but covered in blood like the good cannibals they are!:)