Blood Angels vs. Chaos

I have a new blog that I want you guys to check out! Introducing Will over at
Do me a solid and go on over and check out his stuff. Will is the Battle for Salvations most promising young blood and has come a long way since I first meet him when he was 11.
In Blood Angel news, I have been working on the infantry and I think that I got the client to let me go with yellow helmets for the assault troops. I think that it will really make them "pop on the table top!" Thats my new favorito saying!
Death to the False Emperor!


HuronBH said...

Great report, how many points were you playing? 4 Razors with Twin Lascannon, 4 Preds, and a Raider with Terminators and a Libby, that is a lot of points(and vehicles).

You did one thing wrong and I only know this as it has come up recently around here too. Even though one of your units is already engaged with an enemy unit, if another enemy unit assaults them they your unit can attack models in either enemy unit.

Here is the explanation Mike Brandt, the organizer of the Nova Open, gave me when I pointed out that he should put this in the FAQ.

"Engagement is determined AFTER assault moves have been made. Combat does not begin at the start of the phase - it begins after engagement has been determined. It's a common misread/misapply."

So you figure out who is in combat after assault moves are made. Just a heads up as I know a lot of people have been doing it wrong around the country for a while now.

The Blood Angels are looking good to by the way.

Magilla Gurilla said...

Great Battle Report. I am really glad to see that the Blood Angels did so well.
@Huron: I believe he is playing at 2000 points.

tim said...

little do they know that this is just the black legion painted red ;-)

javier said...

Hi Matt any chances you could post exactly the list?

I have been thinking on list of blood angels to convert my space marines, since i don't really enjoy Space Marines (I'm mainly an Eldar player) and i wanted some, more movile, maybe more shooty, or harder hitting, Thing is, i don't see people ussing mephiston as much, is he no that good as on paper?

What about predators, are they worth it, I have read on warseer that it's not really worth fielding them, but i think they are great


They are so fun to play. I like the mech lists at lower point levels because there is much less congestion. Love the painting keep it up.

tim said...

i like playing jump pack assault marines more for the fluff than anything else. i usually reserve everything and deep strike them in.

Black Matt said...

@ huron, ice been meaning to respond, just haven't jad the Brb around. I haven't read it since I taped the batrep.
From my perspective, I like playing it the way I did. Has there been an FAQ on the matter or overwhelming argument one way or the other?

@ Javier
I don't see why not, its not priceleged information or anything like that
Damn I wish I had a keyboard.
Libby in termie armour with storm shield
5 man assault termies
With sanguinary priest in termie armour.
With land raider crusader transport
2-5 man assault squads with melts gunner and sargent with power fist with twin las razorback
2-5 man assault squads with melts and sargent with power sword with twin las razorback
2 baal predators with twin ass cannons and heavy bolter soonsons
2 predators with auto cannon turret and lascannon sponsons

That's it as far as I can tell!

Alex said...

On page 41:

"Models that were engaged with more than one enemy unit at the beginning of the combat (before any model attacked) may split their attacks freely between those units. Declare how they are splitting their attacks immediately before rolling to hit."

An engaged model is defined on page 35 as anyone in b2b or 2" from a friendly b2b.

So, as the PM's that are in b2b with the libby are engaged with him, they can attack him.

Black Matt said...

@ Alex
Does it say anywhere in the brb when combat starts? If not then my logic is pointing towards when The assault phase begins.
Dividing up the phases into sub phases seems wrong.
I know there is a beginning and an end to dictate when we should do something first or last but I don't feel this breaks up the phases.
I'm still standing ground fellas! I can't see anyone proving it incorrect yet. And besides, what is the point of having that Rule in the rulebook if not to play it that way.
If I'm fistfighting huron, and I pray this is never the case because he is a BIG dude, and someone attacks me from the rear, how can I attack that opponent if I'm concentrating on my original opponent

Javier said...

Matt what about mephiston, don't you see him that usefull?

BTW which powers for the libie