vs. Da Berlin Blaze

Alright, I had a little to much fun with this one! I got called out and challenged by a young Chaos Warlord from Germany who came all the way to White Plains to throw down the gauntlet! See what happens!


Magilla Gurilla said...

Another Great Battle Report.
Glad to see you dusting off the Chaos Lash Army.

tim said...

great battle report! love to see more of these if you can.

Turbo said...

love seeing these reports on video man.

couldn't quite hear over the people in the mall, but phil said "you dirty pretender, i am so going to finish you ..." and something about "your big mouth" haha

HuronBH said...

Great Battle Report. Are you guys going to be running another Oct/Nov Battle for Salvation tournament? I need to get back up there and trample some chaos with my Red and Yellow boots.

Black Matt said...

@ turbo,
thanks, he did an awesome job. It was just to loud.
@ huron
Im not sure when we are doing it, but we are having a large 80 man tourney for our next event! I will try and get some sort of ballpark date and let you know!
You bring those disco boots on up cause Abaddon wants to get down!;)