blood angels update 7/25/10


Magilla Gurilla said...

This army is excellent.
I think you are right, the yellow helmets do make the models really stand out.
Also, the glowing power weapons really catch the eye.


Sorry i have a few questions.
First: what colors did you use for the helmets?
Second: what is that termi libby model from?


tim said...

@ rippeddragon the libby is from space hulk

love the way the army looks. if puts mine to shame:-)

Black Matt said...

@ ripped,
Not sure the name because I had a bunch of different yellows. Try a sunburst yellow with a black ink wash then reapply the sunburst yellow. Stay away from the cracks. On second application.

HuronBH said...

Matt, I almost like the white chest plate better then the yellow, might consider leaving them white, that would pop.