New Chaos list/ my weekend tournament list!

When I went to the Battle for Salvation Tournament this past weekend, I didnt want to play the Dual Lash army that I usually play. From now on, I am going to refer to that list as the D-Lash list so as to satisfy almost everyone. You can think of it as Dual Lash List or you can think of it as Douchebag Lash, either way we are all on the same page.
So I was determined to have a themed/painted black legion army at the tournament and I decided to use the models I have.
Here is the list I used and it has turned out nicley.
HQ Abaddon 275
elites dnought w/ twinlas and msl lnchr 125
elites 3 termies w/ 3 combiweapons 105
Land Raider transport w/extra armour235
Troops X 2- 6 CSM 1 w/ melta, 1w/banner of chaos glory, w/rhino 145 x 2 = 290
*** when I came to the tourney, I had a 1750 point list and ready and found out it was a 1850 tourney so I added what I had in my case! It turned out to be a good decision, since they were fearless objective holders!! They will probably not be there in the future though!!!****
Troops 5 noise marines 100
Fast Attack 3 CSM bikers 2w/ meltas 119
Hvy X 2 - 3 Obliterators 225 x 2 = 450
Hvy Defiler 150

Something isnt correct here because I am only coming out to 1819. All my stuff is at the hospital with my wife so I am going off memory. I will edit tonight but
if anyone I played against happens to be a reader, do you remember what I had?
*** EDIT *** I found the mistake with the help of my first round opponent, Marshall Klauss of the Inquisition! Kurt noticed a mistake I had in my list where I paid 250 for a Land Raider and fixing that gave me an extra 30 to spend on two more CSMs. One for each squad bringing the squad level to 6. That is some good sportin' there Klauss, I shouldnt have given you a 0 sportsmanship score! ;) J/k***
Either way, I played a 1750 version last night versus Brother Captain James and kicked him in the nuts. That doesnt mean I won, just that I was really bitter for losing;) I will be writing about some possible tweaks in the future. ANy ideas? Keep or toss Abaddon, the Dnought, the bikers?
Death to the False Emperor!


AutarchAndrew said...

very creative form of a chaos list but consider this.If you run a chaos bike squad of 5-10 you could play a generic champ,2 meltas,and icon of nurgle toughness 6 FTW.turbo boost them first turn a second turn summon a squad of 20 lessers and a greater.

also i;m probably going to NY in July for the holidays if you want a game I could always use more practice with my orks

Anonymous said...

Exchange one Terminator Combi-Melta for a Heavy Flamer for duality. Otherwise cool list, aside from Abaddon not having enough friends. Maybe swap him for 2 DPs?

Black Matt said...

I dont really want to play daemons. And I would get rid of the termies altogether if I could but you may be on to something with the heavy flamer! Ill be thinking about that one!

@ Andrew,
I could always use some practice against orks!!!

Old School Terminator said...

Hmmm. I have been running Abby lately with a squad of zerks with much success. I am not sure how things played out for you, but your best ranged anti-tank seems either easy to kill (dread and Bikers, who are considered ranged due to distance they can cover) or over reliable (3 oblits in a squad). I would keep abby, but give him some good friends to help him match up against the true deathstar units out there. Take out the dread and add a few more troops. Try the termies with the HF, I have had mixed results, you might like them. mix it up with the oblits and get them into a couple squads for the ability to engage a couple of targets with quality weapons. Playtest it and work from there. How did the defiler work for you? I have been thinking of dusting mine off for some fun.

Black Matt said...

@ old school,
The defiler wasnt an MVP for the tournament but he was definelty a team player. Last night I tied up 24 genestealers with them for 4 game turns. In the tourney the battle cannon did a good job too. I like your ideas!
I need to give a shout out to the bikers though. They panic gun line guard and they can survive if lucky. If I am going 2nd, I reserve them and turbo on. They have a new spot on my roster.

Magilla Gurilla said...

I would recommend dropping the terminators and adding in possessed.

Possessed make an excellent bodyguard for Abaddon as they are fearless. Secondly, you can really customize them for the job you want them to perform.

Need a better shield for Abaddon give them the Mark of Tzeentch and they have a 4+ invulnerable save.

Need some extra combat punch, give them the Mark of Khorne for the extra attack.

Plus, if you are trying to stick with the Black Legion theme, possessed would fit within those parameters.

Black Matt said...

@ mags,
I dunno, I am pretty prejudice about the possessed. 26 pts a piece right? But thats all it is, I will have to give them a try.

I cant find my list from the tournament, I may or maynot have shorted myself some pointage! That list is what I remember playing!

Big Jim said...

I'm a bit late to the party, but I gotta agree with Mags. I've been running 6-7 with Abaddon in a Landraider with lots of success! They murder almost anything they assault.

Hell Mags re-sold me on the idea of fielding them, with the great success he's had with them in his video batt reps!

Brent said...

I love Abaddon - who doesn't? But I've never considered the idea of throwing Possessed in the Land Raider with him. I've always added Berserkers... naturally.

It's worth thinking about, but Matt hit on the obvious downside, the expense.

By the by, I agree with the Heavy Flamer on the trio of Termies - I've used that before and it works great. The downside is occasionally you'll flub the Meltagun shots on the drop since you only have two.


Big Jim said...

From my experiences with Abaddon, I have found that he needs a fearless bodyguard. When he is fielded all fluffy like with a unit of Terminators he inevitably gets run down or runs from combat.

So I started running him with 8 Zerkers with a fist champ at aprox 208 points. I had always considered Possessed too expensive to field in units larger than 5 or 6.

After watching them preform well time after time for Mags, I decided to re-look at them. 8 Possessed cost exactly as much as my 8 man squad of Zerkers.

They may not start off with as many attacks or a Pfist, they do have str 5 causing more wounds than the Zerks after round one of the assault and they have a 5+ invul save making them less likely to get punked by returning Pfist attacks. Plus they get a random ability that is a real benefit 4 out six times.

I do agree they are kinda expensive, but so is Abaddon and having him run down just sucks.


Black Matt said...

@ Big Jim
I have been running abaddon for a few games and that one on the Daemon weapon roll really brings down his worth. That and his cost! I love him and he tears things up but he is a little unreliable. I wonder how he would do against mephiston!
I also tried the possessed today. More on that later:/ If the footage is good enough, I will post the battle. Damn camera!
@ Brent

Beserkers rock, but woudl kharn be even better? When I am building my Deathstar unit, I want it to be able to split up into many different parts for surprises!

Magilla Gurilla said...

Matt, Matt, Matt.
You is the man, but you really need to read the codex and the rulebook!

I just got done watching your video with the possessed and I have to tell you that you didn't use them correctly at all.

1.)Possessed are fearless. They would not have broken. Yes, they would have taken further "fearless" wounds, but they would have stayed stuck in.

2.)Models in terminator armor can not pursue a foe who breaks in combat. So the Terminator Armored Librarian could not have chased them down anyways.

3.)Possessed are a great shield for Abaddon because they are fearless and have a 5+ Invulnerable save. You can up this save to 4+ with the Mark of Tzeentch. I prefer have 3 base attacks so I give them the Mark of Khorne.

4.)Abaddon is a bad, bad man. However, he will die like a dog if he is left unsupported. Especially against Assault Terminators. You need to keep him with his body guard or he will get smacked down. He is a beast, but you can not run him naked.

Okay, enough for now...hope this help my friend.
-Magilla Gurilla-