battle report blood angels vs. chaos on foot


Magilla Gurilla said...

I posted this on the previous post, but figured with the new post it was more appropriate here.

I just got done watching your video with the possessed and I have to tell you that you didn't use them correctly:

1.)Possessed are fearless. They would not have broken. Yes, they would have taken further "fearless" wounds, but they would have stayed stuck in.

2.)Models in terminator armor can not pursue a foe who breaks in combat. So the Terminator Armored Librarian could not have chased them down anyways.

3.)Possessed are a great shield for Abaddon because they are fearless and have a 5+ Invulnerable save. You can up this save to 4+ with the Mark of Tzeentch. I prefer have 3 base attacks so I give them the Mark of Khorne.

4.)Strength 5 - I can not say how much this has helped. Due to the fact that you will wound Space Marines on a 3+ in close combat, you can really make Assault Terminators have to roll a lot of saves.

5.)Abaddon is a bad, bad man. However, he will die like a dog if he is left unsupported. Especially against Assault Terminators. You need to keep him with his body guard or he will get smacked down. He is a beast, but you can not run him naked.

Okay, enough for now...hope this help my friend.
-Magilla Gurilla-

SynnerG said...

Just a quick note, if the Libby was in Termie armor, he can't make a sweeping advance.

SynnerG said...

Magilla edged out a head of me to make the Termie note, but added a lot more analysis too. :-p Since I'm a BA player, my notes would just be that list seemed pretty weak, so, if this was a slug fest and difficult now, it will probably only get harder as you face a more optimized BA list with more redundancy and not one of each vehicle load out possibility and tactical marines.....

Black Matt said...

Ok guys, got it!
Read rule book, fearless aren't scared, and termies are fatty pig fatty and can't run! Check!

It wasn't a slugfest as I don't mind those as long as I bring something to slug with. This was just a friendly between a reader from CT who came to our tourney and came back to play a game!

Brent said...

I'm just glad to see Matt back up and active again. It seemed for awhile like life just kicked the crap out of him!

I didn't think he was going to be able to start blogging again, to the point I removed him from my roll after awhile.

Matt: not to talk about you like you're not there or anything. I corrected that months back - stop by Strictly Average if you ever get a chance.

You can make fun of my Abbadon paintjob or something!

RE: the game, what success I had with the CSM was due to Abbadon in a Land Raider with some 'Zerkers. I've seen Mags' advice before and am itching to try it some day.