What happened to Jawaballs and Fritz?

Ok guys, I am calling you out! What happened last weekend at Brothers Grimm? How did you guys do? Inquiring minds wanna know!


jawaballs said...

I had no battery juice so I got no video or pics and I was too busy this week to write up batreps. I got a minor win vs Khorn Chaos, a massacre win vs Nids, and a draw vs Land Raider/Termy marine mech leaving myself probably 5th or so. Fritz? Well, he did not do so well. Even if I had won my last game that I drew vs Greg Sabino, I still would have done no better then 3rd or so. Two other guys got 3 massacres I think. Fritz got beat on pretty bad playing his Necrons. I played a primed black Land Raider Crusader and an autocannon pred with unpainted turret and lascannon sponsons.. so I didnt compete for painting... though I would have been up there probably taking the best painted if I played my 3 dread list. The tournament started late and went long. We left at 9:30 pm before awards were handed out. THey really need to start these things sooner. Next one is in April! I think it will still be old Blood Angels PDF though. :(

jawaballs said...

To add to this:

My biggest mistake of the day was in turn one not reading the secondary and tertiary objectives til the end. I forgot all about them and wound up costing myself a lot of points that I would have had by just moving things a few inches in various directions. It should have been two massacres for me, leading me into game three vs one of the other guys and then who knows. Scott, who plays the Sisters, won the whole thing with gunline guard supported by a few Chimeras with melta vets. I think I would have done well vs that army. I will have to go out and play him some time.

Fritz said...

I am banned on speaking about it on orders of the Inquisition and the immortal god emperor of mankind. Just reading this post has marked you for extermanatus.

It was an epic fail for my Necrons, my own greed for kill points and facing mech Eldar with only weapons that can glance at best killed me. LOL! I am planning to go back with the 'crons and set things right next time!