The man IN black, not the man who is black, is back. This is a battle report for the majority of you but I want to thank Danny Internets for helping me get back on my internet feet. So watch the battle report and the comedic clip and tell me what you think.


Magilla Gurilla said...

Nice battle Report Matt. It is good to see you up and running again.
As for the rules question: I would say that troops that are pinned or have gone to ground are still scoring units.
Page 90 of the BRB, does not have a rule precluding troops that have gone to ground from scoring.
Page 24 on going to ground, does not have a rule precluding troops from counting as scoring.
Page 31 on pinning does not have a rule precluding troops from counting as scoring.

So, I guess my answer would be that they still count as scoring units.

Turbo said...

hey matt, welcome back to the blogoweb. nice report here - i agree that reserving everything was a good move btw, never leave home without it. and GtG units are still scoring, the only restriction is on "voluntary actions" and being scoring, obviously, isn't voluntary.

look forward to some more stuff from you!

Big Jim said...

Thanks for sharing another great battle report, glad to see you back up and running.

Brent said... were gone?

j/k'ing - on a serious note, have you recovered from your injury?


Brent said...

I actually just watched the video - that's hilarious, especially given the recent tussle between Danny and Greenblowfly.

I think GBF accused him of being in some kind of internet mafia or something. I guess they make housecalls.


Black Matt said...

Thanks guys,
the injury is going well and is getting better all the time!
@ brent
where was this little tussle at?

The_King_Elessar said...

I wouldn't even call it a tussle really. GBF was mouthing on Danny's cheating topic, Danny got pissed off and responded, then GBF posted some foolishness on his own blog.

Welcome back.

Matt Varnish said...

Is it just me or were you fighting close combats on his chimera in his turn? if so, you cannot do that, if its a non-WS vehicle, you don't fight it on his turns, only on yours.

Black Matt said...

@ mATT
yes you can, if the vehicle hasnt moved and you are still in close combat during the next assault phase, you fight as if its a normal combat.

Magilla Gurilla said...

@Matt Varnish:
Black Matt is right. If you look at page 63 of the BRB, under the heading Successive Turns, and read the last paragraph, you will see that it is perfectly legal to continue an assault if you are locked in combat with a vehicle during its assault turn.
This is why immobilization hurts and you should always move your vehicle if possible.

Danny Internets said...

These legendary tales of my conquests always remind me of a conversation I had with my father.

Dad: Danny, what is best in life?
Me: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

Seriously though, I'll cut a bitch.

Sam said...

Hey you rolled a two, not a three on the vehicle damage chart when you were assaulting the Chimera in turn 5.. Watch the video again, that would've meant his guys would not have had to get out.

Dominik said...

Sam: He shot using a melta, AP1, so the 2 becomes a 3, but since the chimera, as I understood, had no weapnos left, it got immobilised, so he got stuck.

Subsequent assaultphase powerfists opened the tincan and that was that :)