Nurgle Rhino pics and tourney vid

Ok boys, 'nuff said!! Thanks for sticking with me!!!


HuronBH said...

Thats cool Matt. Get what you need to get done and take your time. We will probably ( ;) ) be here when you get back.

I have hours of coverage of St Valentines Day Massacre and I'm in the same boat as you with both computers at my place down and out.

Magilla Gurilla said...

What? Never! You must post all the time, a personal life is not allowed!
You look rather beat my friend, relax, get your real life things taken care of --- the blog-o-sphere will be here when you return.

Anonymous said...

No doubt buddy!

Good thing about your blog is mutiple of us are rl friends.

We are always around!

Muskie said...

Nice work, so Black Legion is one big happy multi-mark family?