Nurgle rhino teaser

hey crew,
Well I figured out a way to make a post. I didnt think the library would let me upload pictures to their computers but they have. Well anyway, I have soom really cool and funny on the way next weeek because my new computer should be here on Friday. I took a day off of gutting my apartment and did soom work on the Nurgle Chaos Rhino. I cant believe that I forgot to take a picture of the mural that is all done. I guess we will call this a teaser post. I have to say that I am really happy with how the zombie horde scene turned out, but I guess YOU will have to wait to see!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAha. Dont worry you wont have to wait long because I will be back posting on a regular real soon. Death to the False Emperor!
Black Matt
PS. Battle for Salvation went to a tourney this past weekend in Sommerville NJ, and everyone who attended wanted to give a shout out to THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN. Cool shop, cool guys, and thanks for putting on a good tourney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brent said...

Great looking stuff Matt - I gotta say, I've been collecting good ideas from your work for use on my own stuff at a later date.

You've almost got me excited about painting Rhinos...

Take care - Brent

Magilla Gurilla said...

As always, your rhinos are fantastic. I have to say that I actually like the clean lines of this model even more than the Khorne Rhino. Can't wait to see all four when they are finished.

Warhammer39999 said...

Great lines on that tank--particularly the chaos star on top, and I'm also a fan of the gooey bits leaking from the window.

The "zombie horde scene" as you describe it is interesting. Granted, I know it's just a work in progress, but it almost works as a finished work as well. In that first pic, I really get an almost biblical vision of people being lead out of a wasteland. When that thought is overlayed with the fact that it's a Nurgle tank, my mind drifts into all sorts of thoughts: will they ever get out? Maybe they ARE the plague, and they're only leaving because the region is devastated.

A very simple work that's so evocative (even if only unintentionally). The only thing I'd do to "complete" it would be to finish the single-file line of zombies snaking off towards the horizon.

Great stuff!

Dark Apostle Drazilek said...

Really looking good fella, starting to like Nurgle designs more and more these days.

The art work is great, and reminds me somewhat of X-Files, eerie, mysterious but awesome.

The fussy pox things, I'm assuming they're done with balls of green stuff that have been spread out of the outside and a crater made in the middle?

Look forward to seeing the completed piece.