Hang tight everyone!

Well, I havent been posting on a regular because my PC is down.! I am buyiung a new one and I am also remodeling my apartment so hang tight and wait for me. I have some cool battle reports ready to unleash but no way to get them on line, let alone edit them. In other news I am planning on taking out 3 of my champions w/ PF to include a dreadnought. Crazy, I know but the extra fire power with the newly amended INAT FAQ that determines targeting is established before swiveling on the spot, should make them worth the points! I will try them tonight!
Black Matt


Magilla Gurilla said...

Was wondering why we hadn't been hearing from you. Looking forward to the Dreadnought Batrep.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You would think since I am on the INAT FAQ Council that I could say this with confidence..

But Im pretty sure we ruled that about Chaos Dreads awhile ago.

People just now seeing it or am I having a meltdown and we just recently added this in with the lastest edition? Gah how stressful the past few weeks have been.

Anyway you hear if your getting to play yet or not bud?

Big Jim said...

Don't worry Matt, computer issues seem to be making the rounds lately. Mine took a dive last week too, as did a couple of other bloggers I know of.

I am glad to see that the INAT FAQ Council have come to their senses on the Chaos Dread issue. Marius I am certain that it is a recent addition.

I look forward to seeing some more Chaos Dreads on the table top soon!


Black Matt said...

Yeah, one of my favorite models, but I dont need help making my own squads die!
@ Marius no word yet, but I think I have to bow out anyway. Way to much on the table finish the army. Im tearing down walls on Monday and once that starts, its not over until I finish.

Anonymous said...

Understandable my friend.