Jetike army vs. orks

Well I will have to compare Fritz to a gymnast from now on because he makes it look damn easy! Whadya think of the new banner and Chris' scratch built deff dread?


Fritz said... have set the craftworld back 1000 years! Just kidding. Yea, there is a mojo to playing the seer council.

Should have just waited till he got on the objective with your seer council staying one hop away. Laugh at his shooting with fortune up and then pounce when he was in range and drop doom + destructor. He was right, that you should/could have been killing two units a turn roasting those boyz.

Dire avengers in reserve and just come in on the end.

The banner is Epic, wow man...

Let me play that army vs. Ed tonight and his marines/IG and we will film it- cats will see what this army can do and they will tremble in fear!

Jóhannes S. said...

damn, those orks look awesome :P

AutarchAndrew said...

i roll perials alot so i take embolden it allows you to reroll yuor tests

Devinstater said...

That army looks great on the table. A lot of peoples eyes will pop at all that vibrant colour. That banner is SEXY.

PS: I know why that candy apple gren colour has been bugging me so much. Looks exactly like Verde Flag green on Fiat's (a.k.a. Green Flag Green, Fiat co.'s racing colour).